LF Ret for 2s - MoP

90 Dwarf Shaman
I wanna run Enh/Ret in 2s for MoP. Both classes have amazing synergy together, and it's just LOL 2s, so you can go play 'for serious' or whatever on any 3s you want.

I'll be trying to get into more RBGs this expansion, but I might be interested in 3s if a comp really favors Enhancement next seasons (doubtful as always).

I have a few 'requirements' for my new buddy, but they aren't hard to meet or anything:

-- Don't be completely terrible. I understand it's just a game. I know it's a new talent system and everything. That type of stuff is understandable for a while. I know it's Veco. You don't have to have some elite rating or whatever either.

-- Don't be one of those clicking, keyboard turning guys. It's like trying to play a FPS with your feet. You're slowing yourself down, and you're gonna slow me down.

-- Don't be an alt. I want someone I can do 2s with, I can respond to WPvP with, I can RBG with, I can farm bads in BGs with, I can camp lowbies with. I don't want someone who logs on this particular toon once a week to do his 2s cap.

-- Don't rage at everything. People are better than me at this game (they're really not), but I don't let it bother me. I try and learn from mistakes I made in combat, or with positioning, and just do better next time.

-- Be willing to Skype / Vent / Teamspeak. For some reason, some people just refuse to have mics, or use voice chat programs... I don't know how they play without them, but I guess to each his own.

SO, if anyone is interested in playing Ret PvP for MoP, and wants a decent, long term partner/team to have some fun with, hit me up in game, or respond here.

PS - I'm actually considering playing Ret myself, so I'd actually consider finding an Enh instead.. but like, Thrashr and Grimbol are literally the only other Alliance Shamans that PvP I think.. soo.
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85 Human Paladin
bump, with my Ret, if anyone wants to add me.
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90 Night Elf Druid
But... I want you for my own 2s team.
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