[RP] Seeking one of Similar Profession

87 Gnome Priest
Good'eve, good'eve.

I am only visiting, no, really, I am, for this is not my territory and being respectful, I will not linger.

Given...recent events, the weather, the time, and the fact that our worlds seems to be crossing over, I now find it necessary to find a certain individual...if he, or she, or it, exists in your world.

See, I am a Trader - oh, not your usual trader - I do not have Flour or Fishing Bobbers or Gnomish Army Knives for sale. I deal in something a little rarer than that.

My good people - I grant wishes. Wishes - for a price. Not your normal "I wish for a hundred gold pieces" or "I wish for a love potion" wishes - those you can acquire from your local apothecary or robbing a bank!

I grant true wishes, wishes for the ambitious, for those with certain, special desires, wishes that simply cannot be earned through...'normal' means.

And of course, for every wish there is a price, and with prices come conditions to follow. But let's not get into that, shall we? After all, I am not here to peddle my wares. I used to dwell by the moonwell in Stormwind. But ever since that...'disappeared', I have been travelling. Helping those who are in need of such service.

That brings me here, and I am simply here to visit, to see if perhaps, there is one of my similar profession in this place.

If I may have a name, that will be most appreciated.



I'm basically looking to see if there is some player on this realm, by chance, that may actually be RPing something similar as this gnome.

A little history: Ever since Vanilla SWC. There has been a gnome by the moonwell in Stormwind. He grants wishes...for a price, and those who accept the terms and conditions of each individual "Trade" RPs the effects of gain and loss and it gradually ripples outwards. This 'Trade of Power' has effected (or started, or ended) quite a few RP lines in the History of SWC.

This is the type of RP that relies heavily on player discipline. And not 'cheating' the system. The RP comes with players needing something, and RPing the effects of gain and loss, and affecting the players around him...or the RP plot he is currently entrenched in. It has been quite successful over the years...as long as people play by the rules. Anything can be traded...think Little Mermaid...without the "I will mess with your deal so I can win and keep your soul" part.

Alignment wise the gnome is chaotic neutral - he trades with both Light and Shadow - as long as the terms of the Trade are fulfilled, he is not entrenched in any camp - good or bad. He does however, has his own code of morals and ethics he follows and it's generally not a good idea to anger him. He will help if individual if he likes the individual - even if the individual is a mighty warlock that wants to flood Stormwind with felpuppies. However, at the same time, if the opposing Paladin pays the appropriate price, he will also Trade off the knowledge to kill off said felpuppies.

Over the history of SWC. There has been individuals that gained great power through the trade...and poor unfortunate souls (actual RP players, not level 1 RP fodders) that ended up as a marble in his wooden box because they traded too much and ended up trading themselves.

But nobody's is going to do that here now, aren't they? :)

Let it be known that the wooden box has housed more than one player-owned soul. Folks can be so greedy at times...Ahem. Anyway.

With cross realm, there may be potential for RP...and with a certain coming xrealms events, I will at least like to know my neighbours :D If there is somebody on this realm that is in the same business as I - it does not have to be exactly the same, but alone a similar line...tarot users, fortune tellers, a prophet-type. The neutral, away-from-conflict-of-order-and-chaos type RPers that offers assistance to the 'true' heros.

If I can have a name...somewhere. Perhaps we can set something up for some interesting RPs between us?

If there is none...well, it doesn't mean I'm not interested if you have a wish or two you want granted.


Post here to drop names! However...the gnome trader has been seen in the Scarlet Raven Tavern nowadays. Perhaps you will catch him there instead?

Bam, or Boo.
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87 Gnome Priest
Bump, still seeking a neutral RP observer type character!
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