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Pox (as seen on WoW Insider*) is seeking active-minded individuals who want to help expand the role-playing experience! In the next expansion, this nearly six-year-old guild will have three goals behind it: to provide a learning environment for new role-players, to continue to foster role-play through workshops, and to engage in role-play based PvP.

We are actively seeking, on an OOC level, players who want to strive. We need people who are interested in investing their time and making it work. From an In Character perspective, we're working that out. Come the launch of Mists of Pandaria, we hope to have a consensus among current players. Right now, we're leaning on avoiding raiding as a guild entirely.

Anyone is welcome. Whether you're completely new to role-playing or an old veteran, it's this mix of players who are needed to make Pox thrive. Never role-played in your life before, but are curious and want to try, but are not sure where to start? That's why we exist. We want to encourage people like you.

We currently have openings for general members and three Officers. All new members spend a month (at the most) in a trial period. If we find you suit us and you find we suit you, then you become a full member pretty quick. After a thirty-day period, those who are interested in becoming an Officer will be considered--Make sure you tell us straight up.

Keep in mind that Officers have duties and responsibilities. Yes, that's work. And we need you to do it, else you're just shovelling the work onto someone else's shoulders. So what do you have to do if you want to be an Officer?

Officer Duties
    * Website updates (easy blogging software is easy)

    * Participation in creation and hosting of RP workshops

    * Storyline and event participation/creation

    * Recruitment and engagement (engaged players tend to invest in their guilds)

    * Weekly or bi-weekly officer meetings, plus an evaluation every three months

Officer Perks
    * Increased guild bank privileges

    * Knowing you're helping people enjoy role-play

    * In-game pay (that's right...gold)

About Pox
Pox was founded early in The Burning Crusade by Shryndael's player. She has led the guild since. Originally meant to be a role-play guild with a focus on world PvP, this expanded and changed through the following expansions. We've tried being a role-playing raiding guild, a role-playing only guild, and a role-playing PvP guild. We're going back to the basics this expansion.

One thing we truly enjoy is spreading the fun that is role-playing. We understand it's not for everyone and we respect that. We're not going to get in your face if you don't want to role-play. What we want to do, though, is teach and help others who are new to role-playing or shy. We want to give them a safe place to make mistakes and have those growing pains where there's no harsh judgement or mockery.

At the same time, we want to kill those Alliance jerks. So we want people who are open to the idea of PvP, whether it's through battlegrounds, rated battlegrounds, arena and world PvP.

*As seen on WoW Insider
Pox was featured by World of Warcraft Blogging website WoW Insider in 2011 for the role-playing workshops we hosted here on Shadow Council. The events drew in people from both EU and American servers and numbered near 70! It was pretty awesome. We want to pick this up again. To see Pox on WoW Insider, head over to wow.joystiq.com/tag/pox

Contact: Shryndael, Eviandri, Laanthis (Alliance)
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Join us, we don't bite.

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Good folks :)
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Bumping for our lovely role players! 'Cause why wouldn't you. :D
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Thanks, Austen! :)
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Do not join <Pox>. Shryndael is addicted to giving people bacon flavored waffles, bacon flavored pancakes, bacon flavored bacon with extra bacon flavor, other bacon flavored foods, and bacon.
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