Theramore Scenario

well i have to say i am very disapointed with the scenario. if this is all Blizzard has planned before the release of Mop it is a far cry from the release of previous patch events. i can remember back when Naxx was flying around summoning undead and these places became actual WPVP zones until the event was over.

well blizzard please have done somthing more with the upcoming scenarios.
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90 Worgen Hunter
Well, truth be told, I like the set up, even if this one particular scenario wasn't... ideal.

I think they have a few more coming out? I could be wrong.... But I heard for MoP they'll be using this for some of the quest lines and the like. It does have potential, and I guess there's only so much they can do with this bit of 'time' as it doesn't even take as long as a dungeon. But I do agree. The stuff before Cata even was so much better....

Granted, they could have more in store that we just don't know about.
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85 Orc Warrior
From what i experienced, it's a better alternative to farm high level gears then LFR. Easier, faster and nice to see blizzard is experimenting. Still... i expected a masterpiece storyline, not "Go there, click that then watch the cinematic".

Any ways, it's too early to judge if scenarios are a good thing or a bad omen of what's to come. I'm still looking forward to the other scenarios that will pop during MoP this coming week!
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the Set up is interesting even smaller groups and no real need for a healer youll be able to run a lot more of them but i dont think this was on a large enough scale to be a pre expansion event.

Im glad we had our Defense of Theramore event it was the kind of large scale WPVP meant to foreshadow the coming of a new expansion. there where actually a handful of people that thought the Defense of Theramore was the pre expac event.
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90 Tauren Druid
I hope Blizzard takes these complaints seriously. I think this scenario was an epic buzzkill, with all the hype going into MoP. The scenario was boring, confusing (had you not read the book and even then there is a serious disconnect between the game and the book), and lacked any sort of substance. This was a total failure of a pre-expansion event in my opinion.
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85 Worgen Rogue
People complained about the Dark Portal and Zombie Invasion event when it was new because of how disruptive they were - people complained like they always do. Even the Elemental Invasion got stale because no one wanted to do it more than three times and it hogged up the cities and phased out everything. I'm just happy we got something else to do while we wait for MoP.

This isn't a world event or pre-expansion one and Blizzard admitted it. They want to "spend more time and resources" on Pandaria. Some realms like ours already set up a massive PvP events/campaigns to build it all up, so there's that too.
Scenarios are like a glorified 3-man group quest that is meant to be completed in 10-20 minutes. I wasn't expecting anything mind-blowing, it's mostly for story telling and that's what this is; kicking off the game's current storyline from Cataclysm to Pandaria. The Alliance part arrives right when the Horde blow it up, of course we run around and just kill Horde NPCs but that didn't bother me too much. Quick, easy gold and fancy new loot.

It could have been better but I can't judge the entire new expansion that isn't even live yet on a week-long event. If anything, there's still Challenge Modes.

So to those who disliked it, what were you expecting the scenario to be like? What would that "something more" be? More voice-acting, something more cinematic, more difficult, or maybe more mechanics to fight with like cannons?
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yeah this shouldnt be an example of what Mop has to offer. i was just looking at this one scenario by itself and it just seemed weak. you are right about people complaining that they couldnt lvl when the zombies showed up and things like that. I honestly felt though that it did a lot more to create a large experiance. If there plan was not to waste time on a pre expac event to be able to spend more time on Mop thats cool.
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90 Worgen Hunter
I think it was a bit more mechanics that I was looking for. Something unique and interesting rather than "KILL ALL THE THINGS!!!".

And well, truth be told as I like a story, cinematics other than. "We're gonna turn this place into a sink hole! Hahhah!" BOOM! Would have been nice....

Like I said though, I do like the idea for the scenarios and think that for other things, they could work really well. While the gear is good, my Cata PvP armor is better and as I don't PvE the loot was simply useless to me. This I know is more on my refusal to do anything other than kill horde.... But hey, I'm a gal who knows what she wants. :3

BUT! I am curious.... As everyone reading this has probably run their scenario, can someone describe the Horde version? I'm a might curious, but I don't have any Horde characters. :-P
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
Honestly... it is really poor implementation to have something that makes no sense without having read the books. Fortunately it was explained to me and made a lot more sense and seemed a lot cooler. I just wish Blizz had put a bit more info leading up to it than "hit the dungeon finder button, q for a scenario, hop into the middle of something you have no idea what's happening."

Also, as far as mechanics go, by design they have to be limited. The idea is that you can have any combination of classes do it. Mobs can't hit too hard or it would require a tank/healer. Mobs can't have super high health or it would require you to take dps. Basically a mob has to be able to be killed by any group of 3 dps, 3 tanks, or 3 healers without those people dying (theoretically).

Edit - For the horde version you basically attack Theramore. Set some boats on fire, and ultimately free a blood elf spy. Then it cuts to the cut scene of the bomb being dropped, which is where the alliance one picks up.
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
Spoilers below involving the book-lore of the Theramore event (summary written by someone who wasn't me. I'm just copy/pasting it from a private forum):

Horde roll over Northwatch and expect to march right down to Theramore. Garrosh makes them sit and wait while the Alliance bolster their forces. Baine and Vol'jin are pissed because they feel they have a huge advantage to just march and take it.

Tons of reinforcements get to Theramore, including the 7th Legion fleet and top Alliance generals. Garrosh finally launches an attack and the Horde are rebuffed. Baine and Vol'jin are now VERY pissed because they waited needlessly, and then the bomb drops.

Essentially, Garrosh waited to let top Alliance members, including a large naval fleet, to get to Theramore so he could wipe them all out. The "assault" he led on Theramore was just to get their spy back (a Kirin Tor blood elf), which is what the Horde Scenario is all about.

Meanwhile, one lone ship was sent from Theramore carrying the women and children to safety. I assume this is the ship you are on in the scenario when you finally return, since you avoided the carnage.

In the end, Jaina was pulled out at the last minute by Rhonin through a portal to save her from the bomb, but because she protested she got caught a bit in the explosion (hence the appearance change). She goes back to Theramore super pissed, kills some orcs searching the place afterwards (which you help with in the Alliance scenario, but in the book she does herself), and she takes the Focusing Iris to Stormwind hoping to convince Varian to use it on the Horde. Because she is super pissed.

Shandris and Vareesa Windrunner were on patrol looking for the escaped Horde spy, so they survive. Kalecgos is also there too, in fact he flies up to try and stop the bomb because the iris, a blue dragon artifact he had been searching for, is in it. He is wounded and falls into the bay, escaping the blast that way. Rhonin dies saving Jaina and diverting the bomb blast to the top of the tower.

The Scenario Alliance side shows none of this.

Btw, Jaina takes the iris herself to SW, but is unable to convince Varian to use it. She then team up with Vareesa Windrunner (now a widow) and tries to get the Kirin Tor to help (she talks about floating Dal over org and obliterating it like some kinda rad death star) but they refuse. She goes herself to Fray Island and summons a ton of water elementals to create a tidal wave to drown Orgrimmar once she learns she can enslave. Thrall shows up having had a vision of the destruction of Orgrimmar and tries to stop her, but is unable to do so since her powers are enhanced by the Focusing Iris and proceed to get rofl stomped. She is about to kill him when Kalecgos intervenes and convinces her to stop (lol romance). Jaina then swears she will fight the Horde till Garrosh is gone and tells Thrall he is no longer her friend. She and Kalecgos then fly north and save Varian and the Alliance fleet from the krakens he had summoned. The Horde Blockade of Kalimdor is then broken as the elemental army sweeps over Garrosh's fleet. She then ends up as the head of the Kirin Tor thanks to some prophecy by Korailstraz (Krausus).
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Thanks a ton Trela for helping in fill in some of the corners. if they would have had come cut sceans or dialog that showed this the scenario might have made more sense
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
Yeah, like I said I have never read the books and all credit goes to the multiple people I copy/pasted segments from. I really wish they had explained more of the back story. Because things like:

Dark shamans were used to summon molten giants to fight with them against the Alliance.

Sounds freaking awesome.


there is a lot of story to be told about the tightening grip Garrosh has over the Horde, how some are very uneasy about it, and how Jaina starts going off the deep end with Varian starting a role reversal.

there is a TON of tension Horde side that is missing, and a lack of scope on how bad the losses were at Theramore as well.

And that surprises me because that is, I believe, the ENTIRE basis for the events in MoP and how this new war starts...
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The most shocking part is that Garrosh actually had a good plan!
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I have to agree that as pre-release content this felt lacking. I remember pre-wrath I farmed ziggurats quite a bit for AD rep as well as a full set of armor with set bonuses against UD for my druid and some other fun trinkets. This feels like I could maybe do it if I wanted some xmog gear or to farm for the guild coffers (once I've gotten my Tabard I mean).
As content in general this feels as if it is not geared towards me (the more hardcore player) but still something that I can enjoy at least once per scenario. I'm a little afraid that this is just going to be something that we have to do X times a week to fill up the guild coffers. It feels very much like something designed so people who aren't as skilled can still get along without having to find balanced groups or raids, kind of in the same vein as LFR. It could just be this one though, once they tune it to 90 and we have to reset all of our gear this scenario could be considerably more challenging if they wanted it to be.
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
It feels very much like something designed so people who aren't as skilled can still get along without having to find balanced groups or raids, kind of in the same vein as LFR. It could just be this one though, once they tune it to 90 and we have to reset all of our gear this scenario could be considerably more challenging if they wanted it to be.

They are actually essentially meant to be the new way to do group quests. Not a 1:1 replacement but yeah. It's basically supposed to be as easy as a 2 or 3 man quest is. A nifty little way to tell some story and do a slightly more involved quest in the world =)
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90 Dwarf Shaman
My thing is, if they award Valor and/or somewhat decent gear, then why would DPS ever queue for Dungeons?
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90 Worgen Death Knight
Someone set up us the mana bomb.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
OMG! So disappointed and NOW it is even getting worse. Ppl have learned that you can't be kicked in the scenario (even if you go offline). So keep getting in some groups where one or more will just sit on the ship and let you carry them ..Not so bad on my DK but on my Protection pally was a long go soloing it lol.
1) Loot drops are almost NON-EXISTENT (on like 4-5 of the 85's I've bothered wasting time on this with only received one of the time its more damn fireworks).
2) Can't kick AFKers
3) If I can solo it something is WRONG with the challenge rating of so called NEW content. i went in expecting a challenge and something to make me focus on what I was doing again on WoW. Instead you can do it asleep :(

Blizzard come on PLEASE, I mean iLv 384 items that RARELY if ever drop? At least up the drop rates..for the 3 times I've ended up having to solo it you guys could have at LEAST let me win an item...(sadly a few times was just me and a Heal Spec having to carry a DPS AFKer).
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90 Orc Warrior
I agree with the the people who like to sit around while you do all the work but the loot drops well they are called scenarios for a reason and they are mainly story focused from what i understand if you need the loot hit the raid finder and the instances thats were the shineys are.
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