rate that dk transmog

90 Orc Death Knight
11/04/2012 08:17 PMPosted by Báewulf
Mine looks average

8/10 for the Golden Worgen.

As for me, I am working on getting a damn sword to drop so that I can transmog the matching sword graphic. The shirt im wearing doesnt match as well as I thought it would! lol.
Edited by Karaza on 11/5/2012 10:59 AM PST
90 Human Death Knight
6/10 for the Orc DK.

As for me... "KILLER" - "BAD@$" - "SUPER RED HOT"
90 Worgen Death Knight
8/10. I don't really like half naked style.
90 Human Death Knight
9/10, love the style, the shoulders just have always looked a little silly in that set to me....
90 Human Death Knight
7/10. I'd find a better helmet or just not display it.

If my armory hasn't updated, my weapon should be Cataclysm's Edge, but would appreciate suggestions for something else.
89 Worgen Death Knight
I'll give you 7/10, you would get more if you had a helmet.
100 Blood Elf Death Knight
Eh... Straight Tier Transmog? ... Ah, wait. No, it isn't. Very, very tricky.

Still, it's not a terrifically "DK" like tier, and you do need better boots, belt, and your weapons fairly uninspired.

6/10 - shows definite effort and creativity, but incomplete
100 Tauren Death Knight
^7/10 I like it. Maybe I should look to do something like that, although I have grown to like this mog I have. Have yet to see another like it.
90 Human Death Knight
Finished my set.
100 Human Death Knight
9/10 Very nice! I'm a fan of the shoulders

Mine's a collection of ummm.. Brown pieces.
Edited by Oceannis on 11/6/2012 3:43 AM PST
90 Undead Death Knight
beep beep 8/10
90 Orc Death Knight
6/10 Not much on the sluty look
90 Orc Death Knight
7/10, not a fan of the goggles but only personal taste
100 Orc Death Knight
T10 is a cool set, but not entirely difficult to get. it works well with the starter dress though. 7/10

mine doesn't look right without my tabard showing. also, working on getting untamed blade/ashkandi for a complete mc/bwl raider look.
85 Human Death Knight
erm......Malus ninja'd my set......i have the hood but armory didn't update so i still have my T13 helm -_-
^ 4/10
That barely looks like a set at al, too many different colors, the set just doesnt flow right
edit: it even SAYS in my armory my helm is xmogged, but it doesn't show in visual -_-
Edited by Leathiuk on 11/6/2012 10:20 AM PST
90 Blood Elf Death Knight
check it out, still farming all the five mans but this is my current fave. 7/10 helm and boots are slightly a shade lighter than the rest of your gear however still look like a bad !@# bulldog bro
Edited by Nôllets on 11/6/2012 10:37 AM PST
90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Helms are dumb, and capes are bad, just ask Edna.
90 Orc Death Knight
2/10 ^

Whats goin on in this thread?
90 Blood Elf Death Knight
dk above me gets 5 only cause i like the shoulders but thats it... Why would a DK wear a fencing mask, its just not evil or anything.
you also have the sword i want for my other transmog :X Thats why you got up to 5
Edited by Ice on 11/6/2012 10:47 AM PST
90 Orc Death Knight
2/10 ^

Whats goin on in this thread?

I'm sure enemies are quivering in their panties from the site of your Alabaster. /eyeroll

FYI, not all DK's are "evil", nor does my helm look even close to a fencing mask. /facepalm
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