Farewell again Antoniadas

85 Tauren Shaman
When Cata launched, I bidded you all farewell, and after about 6+ months of not playing, came back for some mindless play, mostly to finish things I had started and to do a bunch of pvp (mostly random BGs), which I never really did as a raider.

Now, I find myself once again unimpressed with the prospects of pet battles and more annoying rep grinds to the point that I gotta call it quits. I figure launch of Panda is a fine time to once again retire this toon (and alts) because, honestly, the game has changed. Once upon a time, we grinded out attunements and proudly celebrated victory (on both sides) of progression kills and epics. Now, epics are daily rewards and there is no need to farm or optimise or research your toon, everything is given to you like a welfare recipient. Heck, your talents are not even a choice anymore.

I never raided in Cata, after doing pretty much nothing but raiding in BC and WoLK, so maybe I'm ignorant, but it seems that bosses dropped like flies in this xp, not like the 8 weeks we worked on LK or Vashj or Kael. They say they want more people to experience end game raiding, yet the numbers of subscriptions have dwindled since Badge Gear was introduced. Personally, I believe it gave players something to yearn for and strive to accomplish, with easy peasy it creates a bunch of trophys for participation (and don't we all feel good about getting an easy trophy, rather than working towards a goal and failing until we are good enough.) I'm sorry if you never got to play in BC, it really was a lot of fun.

Well, TLDR and all that, I'll miss those that I remember from back in the day, and hope you all enjoy the new xp.

And as some will recall, I do not care what you say about me as a player, because in real life...

I can crush you with my wallet.


Stay classy Antonidas,

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100 Human Rogue
09/14/2012 10:45 PMPosted by Biggyt
I never raided in Cata, after doing pretty much nothing but raiding in BC and WoLK, so maybe I'm ignorant

Yes you are.
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85 Orc Shaman
Aside from the guy above me, I'm sad to see you go.....but I get it. The only reason I find this game to feel a bit fresh for me is from taking the couple of years off.

I can however, see this being a limited time of interest

Good luck to you biggy and best wishes. You're one of the only people I "know" on this server that's left from the old days. So many good times had on these forums...

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90 Worgen Druid
Hell be like arnold...

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90 Undead Warlock
Hey Biggy :)

If you get the urge, start a monk on Kil'Jaeden... We can fly around on my X-53 rocket (seriously).
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90 Draenei Paladin
I'll never forget your wallet, Biggy.
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100 Undead Warlock

Sorry to see you have left, man. I remember all those wonderful things from once upon a time, and yes the game has changed. Anyone who says otherwise is either fooling themselves or just didn't play for as long.

I'll always remember your wallet fondly. That and your glorious forum-troll hammer. REALLY enjoyed raiding with you on occasion in BC and then again near the end of Wrath.

Keep on truck'n

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