Dwarfs of Twisting Nether

90 Dwarf Warrior
There is a trend I notice more and more every day. It concerns me to a great degree, and considering we have transmog now I find it completely inexcusable.

Where are the beards? Why do you insist on wearing helmets that do not display them? Why else roll a dwarf? with all the class selection available now it certainly wasn't just for Stoneform (which is actually very undervalued, it's really a pretty good racial). You rolled dwarf because dwarfs are awesome, and dwarfs are awesome because of their beards. So take your helmet off show (unless you've got one that shows your beard) and remember what it is like to be a bearded bad !@# once more.
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90 Orc Hunter
I LOVE your transmog.

Do you liekz mine? :3
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89 Dwarf Shaman
I'm with you, me bearded bruddah! Let them be jelly 'bout our hairy might! I also want a good helmet that shows me hair, fer that be makin' me a bit more m'self, eh?
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Daw....i cant be part of this bearded club
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89 Dwarf Shaman
Why not?! Yer a bloody dwarf too!
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