Cross-Realm zones.... good or bad for Nath?

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I was just curious how this community felt about the cross-realm zoning on Nath. Personally, I don't like the extra competition for gathering, and I abhor pvp. But what do you pvp fans think? Good for Nathrezim? It does make trash-talking in this forum tougher, since most of the ganking is cross server now. Your thoughts?
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09/17/2012 01:21 PMPosted by Prìncessbg
Durotar is a cesspool of retards from Frostmane, and Elwynn a cesspool of retards from Hakkar.

Oh good god this is so true. Everywhere I turn there is some Horde from the guild HAHAHAHAHAH or whatever from Frostmane. Most of them are sportin' that nerd-jock holier than thou attitude, and it seems most of them kiss the !@# of a Spriest named Matcha.
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They combined Nathrezim with another "Nathrezim". Oh and we got some wintrading rank ones from frostmane.

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80 Worgen Death Knight
Everyone with a character on Frostmane is a tool!

Wait a sec...
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80 Worgen Death Knight
There's a reason I chose that one!

It was Savior of Azeroth wasn't available
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90 Night Elf Rogue
We would not be able to kill Sha of Anger as alliance without cross server so I am not complaining.
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90 Gnome Warlock
Yea.... There are so many people, but I mostly see CRZ people from Kil'jaeden and Tichondrius. I usually stay away from Elwynn forest just because I know it's Nothing but Eejits and Knuckle draggers.
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100 Human Paladin
I think its very annoying. I feel sorry for hunters who camp the rare spawns and get to fight with like 2+ servers for the same damn pet. so you can't trade with them but they can take all of your farm etc...

W/E just more horde to kill at the end of the day.
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