Hello there from Argent Dawn!

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So I've noticed that Kirin Tor, Earthen Ring, and Argent Dawn have been connected in almost every zone! I'm not really sure how your guys' RP is, but even though our own RP community is small, I for one am excited to be playing with you guys, and hopefully get some RP going between servers. :3 It could help bring more RP to both servers and all three of us could be one big happy family!

Anyways, if you guys have any RP 'hubs' outside of Stormwind/Orgimmar that you wouldn't mind sharing, I think it'd be a great idea to take advantage of this cross-realm stuff and get to know each other, IC and OOC.:D

Also, if you ever see me in game, feel free to bug me for RP or whisper me or at least wave! Not sure if you guessed this yet or not, but I love running into people from other servers. ^_^
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Hello there!

I know we're a little on the bland side of things when it comes to RP here. t's been that way off and on, but as we approach a new expansion I have noticed more and more old faces returning.

That being said, not many folks RP outside of Elwynn if at all anymore so your best bet would be to locate us there. Usually you will find that people with MRP, TRP, or any other RP addons are often the only ones that do RP.

Valare and I are usually outside of the Inn and several other of my RP friends hang out nearby as well. I would say you could join our RP channel, ktooc, but the server thing D:....

Anyways, I would love to meet new people to RP with as it would bring more flavor to Kirin Tor (and I'm sure the other servers too!) again.

Nice meeting you unofficially though xP.
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I'd like to point out that with CRZ now, GS scares me. x3 Crowds make me hide in corners.

Though I'm happy to see that there are actually people that RP from AD!! (I assumed there were, but I've met quite a few jerks so far... =/) I was beginning to fear your RPers hid more than ours.

Feel free to say hello here as well!
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Sadly, addons like MRP and such don't work cross-realm. D: So it's hard to tell if people are RPers or not through that method. I was lucky enough once to get someone from Earthen Ring in a random dungeon who was transmogged to look like a Stormwind guard who, when I complimented his set, asked if I was an RPer as well.

Our RPers don't hide, we're just not as active right now, what with the expansion so close, Either people are done playing until it's out or they're finishing up collecting stuff from Theramore and the like. I'm sorry if anyone from our server has been unfriendly. D: As any server does, we have our jerks, but luckily they leave RPers alone for the most part.

We had a little resistance from Earthen Ring when we suggested making out communities more connected, since they have 'authority' figures and such in their RP that they were afraid we wouldn't respect, but in the end I think we sorted it out. I mean, this may not be permanent, so 'merging' communities entirely wouldn't make sense considering our servers could be disconnected at any time. But, so long as we're together, I think we should make the best of it at least as far as random RP. ^_^ Plus, there's always battletag if we get separated!

I'm not actually sure if our GS is phased or not... I haven't really been hanging around there a lot since, sadly, that's usually where our bored players go to duel and goof off while waiting for queues. <.< Which is why we usually take our RP to places like Lakeshire. I'm really sorry if you guys get our Elwynn. D: Please ignore people like Israpfel. He may pretend he's an RPer, but he's a straight up troll. Try not to judge us by the people there. That's like judging Moon Guard for their Goldshire, and if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about.
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Unfortunately, with cross-realm, people are going to have to understand that respected figures on other servers will need to earn respect with the rest of them. It's a little silly that they expected everyone to respect out the gate :(. Here on KT we try to respect everyone equally. There is no one person that is respected more than others (unless it is self-proclaimed) so hopefully there will be no issue amongst our group.

We found out last night that Darnassus is actually a shared locale with Argent Dawn (or at least I think I saw someone) and that is where we fled when we saw the masses of trolls in Goldshire. Lily, myself, and several others RPed there for a short time (I have been sick so I couldn't stay on long) and it was quite delightful finding another quiet hub. If you would like to join us there one night for some RP, just let us know here and hopefully we'll see it! We may need to test other areas to see where RP could be extended to. I would seriously love to meet new people IC. We've been so slow on KT that some of us end up only Rping with our significant others.

And no worries about the judging :). We have our fair share of RP trolls.
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Well, with the possibilities that we now have we could very well expand RP on both servers and speed up the activity of RP on Argent Dawn and Kirin Tor, along with Earthern Ring. I will keep one eye open looking out for RPers from Kirin Tor in Darnassus and Elwynn from here on.
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Heya Ag and Mindi! It's Chylesse/Haaghun/craptonoalts, good to see you guys going around trying to round everyone up for RP fun times in MoP.

How is ol'AD doing these days? I've been on a little WoW vacation for the past month, miss chatting with you all in UnitedAD about worgen DKs and junk.
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Amg! Long time no see! I wondered where you ran off to. :3

It's slow right now, what with the expansion so close and whatnot. We've been -- as you can see -- messing with cross-realm and trying to make connections. ^_^ Although, sometimes I wonder if most of them join me in this to humor me, since I practically spammed the channel about it regularly when I found out about our new neighbors. :P

Anyways! Back to the topic at hand! A while back, our server went through a 'dying' process. While we lost a lot of RPers to Wyrmrest Accord, it was actually a good thing since the majority of the people who left were mary sues and the like. Anyway, point is that since that community collapse, we've grown into a community that doesn't have any of those kind of characters/people who demand respect. We're all equal. We're all important. Of course, this is not to say there aren't people on Earthen Ring who are like that. They just have a community that's been around and thriving for the most part for a long time, so it's expected that they're used to things being a certain way, and I completely understand that. Hopefully we can all get along and be one big happy family someday. :3

I'll definitely be hanging around Darnassus some more! Mindi has plenty of reason to be there. Also, if you wanna make contact easier (considering just hoping to run into each other isn't very reliable) you can add me on Battletag! Mindina#1704 (Note the single I. It's the way it should be. <.<)
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. ((yes a single dot that is my reply))
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I am currently looking for an RP guild to join on Kirin Tor, if any are accepting new recruits. Vet player in both game an RP, more so with RP than in game as I stopped playing before Cataclysm, so I have much to catch up on. But I'm looking for community above all.
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I don't troll :c I roleplay besides if someone trolls I just don't say anything to them anymore.. Do not be too quick to judge me by my bad side. Thanks.
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Does anyone know if this is still happening? last week they merged Kirin tor with Steemwheedle out of the blue and now i cant see any Kirin tor players while on Argent dawn and vise versa with cant see argent dawn while on KT. im hoping they still plan to join the two considering i chose Argent dawn for the simple fact they were merging with KT.

Argent Dawn, Earthen Ring, Kirin Tor

Sentinels, Steamwheedle Cartel, The Scryers

so if this was the plan how did KT and SC get merged out of nowhere?
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/posting on an offserver alt because the armory is being weird, but anyway...

Khalissee, where on Earth did you get the idea they were merging Argent Dawn with KT? Blizzard announced merges maybe two-three weeks in advance. The KT/SWC merge was announced in advance, in a blue post, like every other merge they've done. Argent Dawn is about twice the size of SWC or KT, and so is Earthen Ring, so the merges you've proposed above are quite unlikely... at least for a very very long time. There's been no official communications suggesting those merges either. There are a lot more tiny realms to merge before they start joining up medium sized ones like Argent Dawn and Earthen Ring.

Basically, you should probably pay more attention to official blue posts and less to weird fan speculation sites.
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I got the idea from the ORIGINAL merger list that in fact had KIRIN TOR ARGENT DAWN AND EARTHEN RING as the realms they would be connecting. Not only that but the three realms had been all but connected save for a few minor things like the AH's . not to mention this entire thread is about them being merged did you bother reading any of the other posts like the very first that said
"So I've noticed that Kirin Tor, Earthen Ring, and Argent Dawn have been connected in almost every zone! I'm not really sure how your guys' RP is, but even though our own RP community is small, I for one am excited to be playing with you guys, and hopefully get some RP going between servers. :3 It could help bring more RP to both servers and all three of us could be one big happy family! "
yes a few weeks before they merged KT and SC they announced it but up until that point it was supposed to be AD and ER. I asked a legit question on the forum specifically about this merge and i do not see a single admin reply on here so unless you have the answer to my question please dont bother me with your uninformed reply.

P.S. I did not "propose the above mergers" that was a copy and paste from the ORIGINAL connection list
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Erm, well, I saw two Belfs from Argent Dawn in Hammerfall today.
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