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Hello everyone, welcome to the Zul'jin Guild Progression Thread. Normal kills are marked with |-|, Heroic kills with |H|, and no kills on the boss with | |. It should make it quick and easy to find and comprehend the progression. Guilds are listed according to raid progression then alphabetically. I have also recently added full-clear dates for each given tier, to merit some prestige to the first 3 guilds that finished all of the content in the tier.

Boss kills should be posted in a reply, you need not update your original post. Also, if you could please specify whether your guild is 10-man or 25-man would be greatly appreciated. I will check every two weeks or so on wowprogress to make sure the information displayed here is accurate and up to date. I will only display the top 40 guilds in the first raid tier, and the top 30 guilds in the other two, as including them all gets way out of hand. If you're not within the top 40/30 please don't bother posting your kills.

Raids and Bosses
Mogu'Shan Vaults

The Stone Guard - S
Feng the Accursed - F
Gara'jal the Spiritbinder - G
Spirit Kings - Spik - K
Elegon - Eleg - E
Will of the Emperor - W
Heart of Fear

Imperial Vizier Zor'lok - Z
Blade Lord Ta'yak - T
Garalon - G
Wind Lord Mel'jarak - M
Amber-Shaper Un'sok - U
Grand Empress Shek'zeer - S
Terrace of Endless Spring

Protectors of the Endless - P
Tsulong - T
Lei Shi - L
Sha of Fear - S
Throne of Thunder

Jin'rokh the Breaker - J
Horridon - H
Council of Elders - E
Tortos - T
Megaera - M
Ji-Kun - J
Durumu the Forgotten - D
Primordius - P
Dark Animus - A
Iron Qon - Q
Twin Consorts - C
Lei Shen - L
Ra-Den - R
Siege of Orgimmar

Immerseus - I
The Fallen Protectors - F
Norushen - N
Sha of Pride - S
Galakras - G
Iron Juggernaut - J
Kor'kron Dark Shaman - K
General Nazgrim - Z
Dark Animus - A
Malkorok - M
Spoils of Pandaria - O
Thok the Bloodthirsty - T
Siegecrafter Blackfuse - B
Paragons of the Klaxxi - P
Garrosh Hellscream - H

As per the usual, NO TROLLING in this thread! Any problematic posts will be swiftly reported.

Thank you for the sticky posts! This thread should be relevant until the end of MoP.
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Top 40 Progression Guilds on Zul'jin for Tier 14 Raids *Updated as of 3/6/2013*

|S|F|G|K|E|W| |Z|T|G|M|U|S| |P|T|L|S| Guild Name
|H|H|H|H|H|H| |H|H|H|H|H|H| |H|H|H|H| [H-25] Divide
|H|H|H|H|H|H| |H|H|H|H|H|H| |H|H|H|H| [H-25] Duality
|H|H|H|H|H|H| |H|H|H|H|H|H| |H|H|H|-| [A-10] Gardiens du Lys
|H|H|H|H|H|H| |H|H|H|H|H|H| |H|H|H|-| [H-25] Might
|H|H|H|H|H|H| |H|H|H|H|H|H| |H|H|H|-| [H-10] Shark Week
|H|H|H|H|H|H| |H|H|H|H|H|H| |-|-|H|-| [H-10] Untold Prophecy
|H|H|H|H|H|H| |H|H|H|H|H|-| |-|-|-|-| [A-10] Le sang des paragorns
|H|H|H|H|H|H| |H|H|H|H|-|-| |-|-|H|-| [H-25] Dawn of the Dead
|H|H|H|H|H|H| |-|H|H|H|H|-| |-|-|H|-| [H-10] Eternium
|H|H|H|H|H|H| |-|H|H|H|-|-| |-|-|H|-| [H-10] Apex
|H|H|H|H|H|H| |-|H|H|H|-|-| |-|-|H|-| [H-25] Late Night Pain Train
|H|H|H|H|H|H| |-|H|H|H|H|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-10] Mirrored Reasoning
|H|H|H|H|H|H| |-|H|H|H|-|-| |-|-|H|-| [H-10] Relentless Onslaught
|H|H|H|H|H|H| |-|H|H|H|-|-| |-|-|H|-| [H-10] Subjugate
|H|H|H|H|H|-| |-|H|H|H|-|-| |-|-|H|-| [H-25] Shroud
|H|H|H|H|H|H| |-|H|H|H|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-10] Blatant Disregard
|H|H|H|H|H|H| |-|H|H|H|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-10] Going Ham
|H|H|H|H|H|H| |-|H|H|H|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-10] Proscenium
|H|H|H|H|H|-| |-|H|H|H|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-10] Azeroths Most Deadly
|H|H|H|H|H|H| |-|H|-|H|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-10] Exalted with your Sister
|H|H|H|H|H|-| |-|H|-|H|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-25] Drunk in Public
|H|H|H|H|H|-| |-|H|-|H|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [A-10] Invictus Renatus
|H|H|H|H|H|-| |-|H|-|H|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-10] The Risen
|H|H|H|-|H|-| |-|H|-|H|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-25] Disturbed
|H|H|H|-|H|-| |-|H|-|H|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-25] Systematic
|H|H|H|H|H|-| |-|H|-|-|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-10] Axiom
|H|H|H|H|H|-| |-|H|-|-|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-25] Immortalis
| | | | | | | |H|H|H|H|H|H| |H|H|H|H| [A-10] Drainlife
|H|H|H|H|H|H| |-|-|-|-|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-10] Friends
|H|H|H|H|H|H| |-|-|-|-|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-10] RUI
|H|H|H|-|H|-| |-|H|-|-|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-10] Hex
|H|H|H|-|H|-| |-|H|-|-|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-10] Horizon
|H|H|H|-|H|-| |-|H|-|-|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [A-10] No Regrets
|H|H|H|-|H|-| |-|H|-|-|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-10] Voided
|H|H|H|H|H|-| |-|-|-|-|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-10] Crux
|H|H|H|H|H|-| |-|-|-|-|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-10] The Tempered Phoenix
|H|H|H|-|H|-| |-|-|-|-|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-10] InReverie
|H|H|H|-|H|-| |-|-|-|-|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [A-10] Living Legend
|H|H|H|-|H|-| |-|-|-|-|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [A-10] Moms Basement Gaming
|H|H|H|-|H|-| |-|-|-|-|-|-| |-|-|-|-| [H-10] Narcotics Anonymous

1st Tier clear: Duality 12/17/2012
2nd Tier clear: Divide 01/31/2013
3rd Tier clear: TBD
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Top 30 Progression Guilds on Zul'jin for Throne of Thunder *Updated as of 9/12/2013*

|B|H|E|T|M|J|D|P|A|Q|C|L|R| Guild Name
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H| [H-25] Divide
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H| [H-25] Duality
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H| [H-10] Eternium
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H| [H-25] Exiled Legion
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H| [H-25] Late Night Pain train
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H| [H-25] Might
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H| [H-10] Relentless Onslaught
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H| [H-10] Subjugate
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H| [H-10] Untold Prophecy
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H| | [H-10] An She
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H| | [H-10] Going Ham
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H| | [H-10] Hostility
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-| | [H-25] Dawn of the Dead
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-| | [H-25] Immortalis
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-| | [H-10] Misfortune
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-| | [H-25] Prodigy
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-| | [H-10] Tabbed Out
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-| | [H-25] Shroud
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-| | [H-25] Systematic
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|H|H|-| | [H-10] Crux
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|H|H|-| | [H-10] Dumpsters
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|H|H|-| | [H-10] DREAM Regime
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|H|H|-| | [H-10] Focus
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|H|H|-| | [H-10] Hex
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|H|H|-| | [H-10] Le Sang des Paragorns
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|H|H|-| | [H-10] Mass Casualty
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|H|H|-| | [H-10] Playground Bullies
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|H|H|-| | [H-10] Prodigy
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|H|H|-| | [H-10] RUI
|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|H|-|H|H|-| | [H-10] Azeroths Most Deadly

1st Tier clear: Duality 05/17/13
2nd Tier clear: Exiled Legion 07/16/13
3rd Tier clear: Might 07/19/13
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Top 30 Progression Guilds on Zul'jin for Siege of Orgrimmar *Updated as of 06/03/2014*

|I|F|N|S|G|J|K|Z|M|O|T|B|P|H| Guild Name
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H| [H-25] Divide
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H| [H-25] Duality
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H| [H-25] Entropi
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H| [H-25] Exiled Legion
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H| [H-10] Going Ham
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H| [H-25] Late Night Pain Train
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H| [H-25] Might
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-| [H-10] Conflux
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-| [H-10] Eternium
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-| [H-10] Hex
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-| [H-10] Hostility
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-| [H-10] Obsessions
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-| [H-10] Playground Bullies
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-| [H-10] Salary Capped
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-| [H-10] Shroud
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-| [H-10] Subjugate
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-| [H-25] Systematic
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-| [H-10] Tactics
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-| [H-25] Untold Prophecy
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|-| [H-25] Anti Clockwise
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|-| [H-25] An She
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|-| [H-25] Bound
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|-| [H-25] Dawn of the Dead
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|-| [H-10] Deal With It
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|H|-| [H-10] Erudite
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|-| [H-25] Immortalis
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|H|-| [H-10] Pretty Standard
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|-| [H-10] RUI
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|-|-| [H-10] Haters Make Us Famous
|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|H|-|-|-| [H-10] Plz Send Halp

1st Tier clear: Duality 10/17/13
2nd Tier clear: Exiled Legion 01/08/14
3rd Tier clear: Might 01/21/14
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Oh c'mon I know people have gotten kills, please post them!
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80 Night Elf Druid
TM spent about 5 or 6 hours running a half and half to gear their mains and got the first 4 of Mogu.

It was really funny and sad to see.

Also WoW Progress will help you lots.
Edited by Alvalek on 10/3/2012 12:51 AM PDT
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I can use some of the resources WoW Progress provides but later on it will get very difficult to keep track of all the guilds on my own. It's quite possible I can miss some kills here and there if left to my own devices, so please try to help out by posting your kills!
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100 Pandaren Monk
Duality 6/6N starting heroics next week :)
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100 Pandaren Monk
Congrats Duality, nice to see the realm natives back on top!

Congrats to TM too on 9 hours of wiping on Elegon and ending the night without a kill and dropping down to US #126. But there are a few realms without four bosses down you can still transfer to and be top dog again!

Thanks Spacie I appreciate the compliment :)

But do remember that TM is raiding on another level and is doing multiple alt runs in order to gear their mains which is different. Normals don't mean anything in terms of US progression ;)
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90 Gnome Death Knight
Gardien du Lys killed elegon and will yesterday.
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Need I remind us all that there is to be no flaming or trolling in this thread? Please keep it civil, thank you.

Grats Duality and GDL.
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The Patriots have defeated The Stone Guard on 10-man mode.
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90 Troll Hunter
Feng and Gara'jal down for Narcotics Anonymous
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90 Troll Hunter
Spirit Kings down for Narcotics Anonymous
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100 Human Paladin
The Patriots have defeated Feng the Accursed on 10-man mode.
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90 Human Death Knight
Moms Basement Gaming is 4/6
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90 Troll Shaman
TM got heroic Stoneguard.
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