.:Dunegon Crawler:. is ~~recruiting~~ for the upcoming expansion Mists of Pandaria! We are a lv25 PvE Raiding guild who enjoys socializing, questing, casual PvP, & old content. We are looking for experienced, motivated, non-elitist raiders to fill our ranks. We will be running 2-10m grps in MoP. *Group 1* will raid Tues-Wed 9pm-12server, & *Group 2* will raid Thurs & Sat 9pm-12. If you are interested or have any questions pls ask a member in game! Always accepting casual/leveling characters as well :) Happy Hunting~

*Group 1* still needs: Hunter / Prot Warrior-
*Group 2* still needs: Warlock / Holy~Disc Priest / Ele Shaman