The Fail Pug Raid Group - Panda Edition

90 Worgen Warrior
Hello everyone! The Fail Pug Raid Group will be reforming for Pandaria. We plan to begin raiding on October 9th, and we are looking for applicants that would be interested in raiding!! Below please find our new charter. If you feel that this would be something you're interested in or would like more information, please fill out the application and post on this thread or message either Meeno or Maataae in game. We are taking applications for all classes and roles for both full time positions and substitutes.


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Fail Pug Pandas
Raid Group Charter

Mission Statement: The Fail Pug Pandas Raid group is a Terenas based, Alliance side, progression orientated 10 man raid group. We strive to down the current raid content by recruiting dedicated and knowledgeable players who enjoy raiding(and wiping) while still being able to have fun.

Raid Leaders: Meeno & Maataae (Both in the Guild - The Forgiven)

Raid Time: We currently Raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 to 11:30 server time. Invites go out at 5 minutes prior to raid start.

Member Attendance Policy: Members must maintain an 80% attendance rating over a two month sliding window to ensure their position with the raid group. Dropping below this percentage without prior approval from the raid leaders will open your position to be filled by an applicant or substitute looking to join the raid group full time. Any member that is not online and on the appropriate character to accept the raid invite will be only awarded ¾ of the attendance point awarded for the night without prior approval from the raid leader. Any member not online at raid start will only be awarded ½ of the attendance point and be may be replaced at the raid leader’s discretion without the member gaining the raid leaders prior approval. Any member that is not at the raid location at raid start will be docked ¼ of an attendance point.

Substitute or Applicant Attendance Policy: Substitutes or Applicants will receive one attendance point for being available to fill a raid slot if they are online and at the raid location at the time of raid invites.

Member Performance Policy: Members must maintain a performance level that is determined by the raid leaders. Failure by a member to meet these performance levels will garner them a warning. If after 1 week, performance does not increase, the members position will be then opened up to be filled by an applicant or substitute looking to join the raid group full time. The raid leaders will do everything they can to help gear/educate the failing member in the one weeks grace period.

Loot Policy: Loot is tracked by the raid leaders. Primary Spec has priority over Secondary Spec. Loot goes to the class/spec that makes the most sense to award it to. Multiple class/spec loot will be distributed throughout the raid by doing a random 1-100. The receiver of the loot will not be eligible for another piece of loot until everyone that’s eligible for the piece of loot has also received something. By doing this we are hoping to gear the raid at roughly the same level. Tier pieces will be tracked separately from all other loot. People that win a tier piece will be given preferential consideration on the next tier piece when it drops to make a 2 piece bonus. 2 piece bonuses will be given preferential treatment over 4 piece meaning that all available classes on that token should hopefully have 2 pieces before anyone has 4. Any legendary quest lines or items that require raid drops will be awarded to a member determined by the raid leaders. We ask that you please consider your fellow raiders when it comes to loot.

Expectations of Members: Members are expected to have the appropriate consumables(food and potions) for their class and role. Members are also expected to come to the raid having studied the assigned strategy and having watched the corresponding videos.

Provisions for Members: Cauldrons for flasks will be provided by the Raid Leaders. Members will also have the ability to request either items and/or gold from the Raid Bank. Any BoE’s and patterns that are unusable by the raid group will go to the Raid Bank for either auction, or are available for purchase for alts at half the going auction house price.
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90 Worgen Warrior
We are currently 6/6 Mogu'Shan Vaults and 1/6 Heart of Fear. We currently have 2 DPS spots open. We are looking for a Rogue, Enhancement Shaman, Warlock, or Mage. If you have any interest. Please send me an ingame mail, PM on the server, or post here.

Thank you.
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