Having a bad go

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Meh, if things aren't exceptionally well off the bat, I lose optimism. That's what happened here. I already give up. less than 30 people in a month is not what I was expecting. I could use a nap for the next 6 months.
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that can mean a guild changes to the point it does not always survive. or it morphs into something new and better. In My case the guild morphed into something the guildies wanted, but I decided it was not what I wanted, so I stepped down and dropped out

Nice job, you are were a fine guild leader right up to the end.

Not like the OP who took over at guild level 15 and by level 18 left all the other guild members guildless and with all the time they had invested in the guild gone. When Pony said " Sell stability and decency" she was right, that's what you should be selling. But considering the lack of consideration you gave your guild members in the past who would buy those things from you.

So going with a dictator model of leadership without offering top of the server progression was a big mistake you made.

Another big mistake that a lot of new guild leaders make and I'd guess is the biggest reason new guilds fail is not having a realistic timetable to get set up. Especially if you are planning to make a competitive endgame guild without starting with a strong group of core players or at least a lot of personal experience. It can take years to set up a good guild and many people quit in the first few months.

Not trying to give you too much flak OP, your mistakes were mostly caused by inexperience and certainly some of the blame falls on your old guild for allowing someone who hadn't been vetted into the rank 0 spot. But at the end of the day all you have accomplished was destroying a mid level semi active guild who's members may be logging in this week for the first time after a few months off at the end of Cata and wondering where all the guild levels they worked for went and getting yourself a nice alt bank on a server you might not even end up playing on.
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Level 19. And really, it's not like the guild was disbanded, or everyone removed. While I think the OP could have done things better- as you said, had more realistic goals, etc- there isn't a reason to bang him into the dust over it. The guild is still there, just as it was before. However, they are gaining levels- and in the end the guild has potential for SOMEONE to take it SOMEWHERE- obviously there are people working together in the guild at least a little bit. Hopefully one of them can take the ball and become an awesome leader.
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