So what am I supposed to gemming for?

92 Tauren Paladin
I jsut did a mass reforge on all my gear and overwrit all the mastery gems I had for Hit and Expertise stuff, after capped, I plan on getting mastery for the Bastion buff increase. Since the SoR gave me a massive physical mitigation buff but I needed to hit it to gain the buff. And WoG can self heal for 180k (Increases by mastery)

Yet I'm concerned with the amount of people who are stamina stacking and I'm wondering if I goofed it up?

Was also considering haste since it reduces the CD on my HP generating skills, meaning more SoR's frequently maintaining the mitigation but didnt want to spread my stats to thin
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90 Dwarf Paladin
Gem Stamina and stam/mastery and stam/parry hybrid gems. Let your reforging handle the hit/expertise cap and put the leftovers into mastery.

Haste is okay, but if you are already going for hit and expertise its overkill imo.
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100 Draenei Warrior
I don't mean to sound overly rude, but you've got a week and a half until you'll start replacing your gear. :P Don't be too OCD.

But you probably don't need to stam stack. It was only really useful before DS got nerfed. If anything, go for strength. It gives you more parry than parry rating at level 85 and more damage is fun.
Combat tables, diminishing returns and you!
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90 Human Warrior

Haste is okay,

lol. no.
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80 Draenei Shaman

Haste is okay,

lol. no.

Please. Stop giving out meaningless advice you haven't researched. Just stop.

There is evidence to suggest that, for paladins, Haste is a functional mitigation stat and is slightly below Expertise in effectiveness, I believe.
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