I know how hard it can be for a tank to find a guild on Kargath, but before I start looking off server I decided to try to find one om the realm have I played on since Wrath. Just looking at the guild recruitment on WoW progress has shown me there is not much call for my kind at the moment so I thought I would give posting here a shot.

After taking a long hiatus during DS due to burnout of it and cata burnout in general I have decided to return for MoP. As expected my spot was filled by my old guild, Hardstyle, and I have found myself looking for a new raiding guild with semi-hardcore expectations.

I would say I'm a semi-experienced raider but could still learn a lot. In Vanilla my guild cleared AQ40 and started on Naxx before BC dropped. In BC I cleared all of T6 besides Sunwell before moving to Kargath with RL friends for Wrath. I took a fairly casual approach to raiding in Wrath and Cata until FL when I tried to get back into it and was somewhat finally able to in DS.

My general raiding attitude has always been do the content because it is fun, challenging and I try to be the best I can at my role and with my group. Gear is a means to an end to me. Its nice yes, but in the end you are getting it to help clear content.

I'm free all nights of the week between 6pm - 1am but would rather not raid on Fridays and Saturday nights. I'm looking for 2-3 nights a week of raiding.

Feel free to reply to this thread or send me in-game mail if you feel I might be a good fit or if you would like more information.

Thank you.
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