Dear MusicXD,

90 Night Elf Death Knight
After countless hours spent raiding together, I had become convinced that your outstanding DPS was merely a product of poorly tuned numbers. Surely a clicker such as yourself could not possibly manage the numbers you routinely threw around. Today, after I've sent countless emails and tickets to Blizz with detailed logs of yours, I finally received vindication when they slapped you with the nerf bat. Enjoy your mortality now, and for god sakes learn to key bind!

Nothing but love,
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90 Human Paladin
Don't worry. I believe they are applying a targeted nerf to all characters named "Music*" or "Moosic" and any other variation. Apparently, there was this nagging little bug in the system where broken weapons were doing exponentially more damage than they ought to have.

Stealth hotfix. Should be up now.

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90 Blood Elf Warrior
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90 Human Warrior
aug 21st

-Mortal Strike now does 175% weapon damage, down from 195%. Additional damage reduced by 24%.
-Overpower now does 115% weapon damage, down from 130%.
-Slam now does 215% weapon damage, down from 225%. Additional damage reduced by 10%.

Logical observers conclusion, "warriors hit too hard, lets nerf."

Aug 23rd

-Mortal Strike now does 185% weapon damage, up from 175%. Additional damage increased by 12%.
-Overpower now does 120% weapon damage, up from 115%.

Logical observers conclusion, "we over nerfed. after testing, we should bump these up a tiny bit."


Sep 20th

-MusicXD i clicking his spells and doing top dps
-Mortal Strike now does 165% weapon damage (down from 185%).
-Overpower now does 105% weapon damage (down from 120%)
-Slam now does 190% weapon damage (down from 215%).

seriously though. why buff us on the 23rd if the numbers from the 21st were apparently hitting too hard. Whats weirder is GC posted recently saying fury is preforming a bit lowering than they would like atm : /

oh well. I'm used to nerfs every patch
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