Who wants a character sketch? Part 2.5!

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These pieces of character fan art are really fantastic! It’s great to see a number of artists jumping in to share their personality-filled creations. I love this community and I adore looking through threads like this with everyone’s art. :)

Quite a number of us here at Blizzard have creative past-times too! In my spare time, I do quite a bit of art and writing, and I’ve done some Warcraft fan art along the way. I post them every now and then on [url="https://twitter.com/Vaeflare"]my Twitter account[/url]. It’s a lot of fun, and one particular piece of fan art was actually honored by being included in the Blizzard Museum! It’s [url="https://twitter.com/Vaeflare/status/249991872603369472/photo/1"]a sculpture of Deathwing[/url] I started in the days after the Cataclysm expansion was announced at BlizzCon 2009, back when he only had about 4 pieces of concept art showing off his handsome mug. As such, my personal fan art sculpture had quite a bit of creative liberty because he didn’t have an in-game model or cinematic model to reference at the time.

Nice, I would love to make sculptures, but my clay always breaks after haha :P
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Uhm, that would be amazing!
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I wish I was able to draw well, would contribute to this thread :C

Oh well, might as well see what others draw, might get to see my character drawn eventually :D

Here you go, I had a lot of fun with this one. Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks, man. Looks great! :)
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OMG Girlsgonewow drew my picture! I just found it on the previous thread. Thank you so much!

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Whelp, here's Sylvan! http://imgur.com/up4vw

Definitely not my best but I'll probably get around to fixing/changing it at some point. I think that little block of art hit me.

Also, I can't sculpt to save my life. So that looks fantastic!
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I would like to help out with the artwork, but I have no idea with whom to begin with xD. Any suggestions?
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Can I still join in? :3

I would like a sketch, if possible.
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Me! Pick me!
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09/23/2012 04:29 PMPosted by Syntopicon
I would like to help out with the artwork, but I have no idea with whom to begin with xD. Any suggestions?

Pick me.

OMG Girlsgonewow drew my picture! I just found it on the previous thread. Thank you so much!


You're very welcome :). I wish I could have spent more time on it though.
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I'd love one! Your stuff looks great!
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I'm done for tonight, and likely won't have time to draw tomorrow. However, the next day I'll be back in the forums doing more drawings. <3
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Just to let the rest of you know, I'll make 3 when this one gets capped.

And maybe I'll try to draw somebody too >.< dunno who and I'm tired. Three hours of sleep, weeeee.
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My name is Elegance.
I'm a Night Elf Paladin. Like irl, my server knows about my massive ego. I'd love a drawing.
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IM jealous of you guys :P

I cant draw that good and when i did get taught to draw from a friend in college it was awkward (happen to have a crush on her at the time)

Though they look really great maybe one day ill finally be better

btw i posted in this thread days ago dont know if someone sketched me, if they did im sorry and ill try to find it
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http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/madoran/Arthaschild/advancedmy character looks awesome in game, id love to have artist works done of her
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Me please! :3
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Okay sorry guys. Today I didn't get any doodling chances at work. I worked on the OBV floor and had a huge patient turn over. By the end of the shift, we had discharges/transferred 9 out of my original 11 patients, and admitted 6.

My boyfriend wants to do some dungeons with our lowbies. Sathirria I will try and get your chibi done by tomorrow.

I will take up to 4 more chibi specific requests, any others I may or may not get to before MoP hits.

Oh wow a blue post? lol I feel a little bashful to know they are seeing my chibis lmao. Thank you guys for the 3D view in Armory, such a life saver in this thread :D
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Part three after these next few posts!

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Finally finished Hilerria!
It takes me way too long to do these things.


Hilerria finds it hilarious to summon ghouls hither-
With death grip she makes haste to her stubborn foe's whither.
-Dr. Sazzie

"I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
*Hilerria grins from ear to ear, and quietly faints.*
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