Shenlong is recruiting two players for our core 10 man group. We are a casual raiding guild that enjoys clearing end game content. We are never first on server and don't push the wipefest grind on heroics until we get bored with normal mode. Our raid times are 6pm server on Friday nights. We are a group of players mostly in our 30's and have full time RL responsibilities that keep us from hard core progression. Our core group is perfectly capable of such progression, we simply don't have the time. If you are a mature player, looking for a raid group, but simply don't have 8 hours a week to devote to raiding, check us out. At this time we prefer a disc priest and a warlock, however other classes will be considered if the "person" behind the keyboard is a good fit for our group.
The application page is not complete yet. In the interim, please wisper me in game on either Jibd or Jint if you are interested.