So I got a Druid up to level 85 and I have to say I really enjoyed the healing. The primary reason I enjoyed it was that very few things are on cooldown, and I really enjoyed the HoTs because they work as a sort of "death slower-" Instant cast spells I could quickly put on a character to slow his health loss and give me time to cast a bigger heal. Additionally, the AOE HoT worked wonderfully, as people who had little or no damage would immediately be healed when they took damage, making healing less stressful.
I would really like to have a healing Panda, so I will have to be either a Priest or a Shaman, and I'm struggling with which one to play. I tried a Discipline priest but it was very difficult for me. Often, I would go to heal the tank, and realize (only after pushing the buttons) that Power word: Shield wasn't working because of weakened spirit and that penance was on cooldown. I would try to cast a heal, but the tank would die while I was casting.
But tell me about Holy Priest and Shaman. I read a wonderful post here:
That talked about using Renew as a Holy spec and also the instant cast Holy Word: serenity. Does Renew work to help slow a person's death like Druid HoTs do?
Additionally, I see Riptide on Shaman, and it works somewhat similarly to Rejuvenation (and has no cooldown when glyphed), but I have read it's mana-intensive. Still, it would help me to at least do SOMETHING for the tank to prep for a cast-time heal.
Now that I know the playstyle I like, if you could just point me in the right direction, I would be most grateful.
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