We are looking for a guild!

TL;DR Version:
We are a Protection Paladin and a Fire Mage that want:
A Casual but accomplishing raiding Guild
That raids between before midnight on weekdays (except Thur)
or any time on weekends.
Has regular achievement runs
(optional PVP)
and an enjoyable group of people

Detailed Version
We are looking for a friendly and active raiding guild to have fun with in Mists of Pandaria.
My main is a protection paladin and his is a fire mage. Both of us have many alts and may be able to fill other roles in a raid group, but we are mostly interesting in raiding these toons. We both were hardcore raiders in BC and Wrath, but took it easy in Cata, mostly just sticking to LFR and some regular runs.
We are not looking for a hardcore group, but one that we can have fun with, while actually get some raiding accomplished. We prefer 10m groups, but would be willing to consider 25m.
We can raid weeknights before midnight and any time on the weekends. The only exception is Thursday, as I am not available for play on Thursdays.

We are both achievement hunters, with over 20k points combined. We want this number to increase, so we are looking for a guild that has regular achievement runs to get more achievements in both old and new content.

Rush to 90!
We say weren't not hardcore, but both of us have used some vacation days next week to ensure that we can hit 90 as soon as possible! We want to gear up and get into raiding early this expansion, not wait until the nerf bat gets swinging!

We both really enjoy pvp. I do not pvp on my prot pally, but on a disc priest. We have been very successful as a 2v2 team but would like to try out 3v3. We would also like to get into some RBGs thsi expansion. Though I am more casual, he has been a top ranked arena team (in BC) and has Vanilla pvp titles on multiple toons (before they "shared" titles, lol)

How to Get In Touch With Us
Please add me to real_id (aschrisman@gmail.com) so you can tell me more about your guild. Feel free to send me a regular e-mail at this address if I'm not on when you want to chat.