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90 Human Priest
Most of my guildmates/ friends don't play WoW anymore and it's gotten somewhat lonely. I've had a couple offers to join different guilds, but I'm uncertain where I will fit in.

Things to know about me:
-I'm a Mom. (it's important because I'm never going to miss a son's recital for this game and the occasional sick child will always trump guild events for me-- Super Mom I may be; I still can't be in 2 places at once).

-I have 7 85s on Lothar and 1 85 on Shadow Council. WoW is one of my two primary hobbies (reading is the other).

-Those 85s are: Qarylle, Qarys, Qathryn, Quite, Qahrin, Qyern, and Qaja @ Lothar, and Qarynthe @ Shadow Council. (This is why I get called "Q" in game.)

-clean language is important to me (yes, I understand many of you consider cursing and innuendo a normal part of a "mature" guild's chat. I do not enjoy such an environment and would not fit in well with your guild.

- that being said, I also do not enjoy whining, juvenile drama. I don't put up with my teenagers engaging in drama, so I am definitely not going to subject myself to it while trying to enjoy my hobby.

-I believe in doing my part when part of a group. I will do my research, farm my mats, prepare myself and show up early for events I am invited to or committed for (unless, on the rare occasion illness or other unexpected occurrences prevent me from doing so).

-I am self sufficient. I never embarrass myself or my guildmates by begging folks to give me anything or carry me through stuff.

-I enjoy raiding, but my schedule is non-negotiable because of my husband's work schedule and my children. I am available Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:30 AM to 12PM or 9:30 PM until 12 AM, and Saturdays 9:30PM- 11PM. I do play more frequently than this, but those are the only blocks of time I could commit to focusing on fight mechanics.

Basically, I play to win, but real life demands I remain a casual player. Just would like to have other folks to play this game with...
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Knights of Myth Drannor is Level 25 and rebuilding. So if you have been in the game since Vanilla - you might know a few of the ppl in guild. We do have a temporary site that gives a background of what our guild is about on komd.guildlaunch.com. You can message any of the officers if you like - Stormraven, Ilsemune, Lainon, Ragetank, Cerrunnos or myself. We raid 830PM on Tues and Sat - but I can imagine as guild grows and we get more parents in that 930EST would work as well.
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90 Human Priest
Sounds promising. Hope to speak to you in game soon. :)
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100 Pandaren Shaman
If you had been horde, I'd have said come check us out as we have tons of people just like you :) If you ever faction change look us up :)
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