Having trouble seeing around me

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-friendly wave-

I come forth before the Tanking community with a simple plea for assistance.

Recently, I did a random queue and got Ajzjol-Nerub for the first time. Ive seen this dungeon from both DPS and Healer point of views so I knew what to expect...

Only...Well. I had difficulties seeing enemies around me, especially in the tunnel before the first boss and the mobs before the giant spider boss. ._. This made gathering aggro a bit difficult so the run went a little rough.

Which leads to ask: How do you guys keep an eye out for things in compact spaces like that dungeon?
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You can hold down LEFT-click to rotate your camera view without changing position; sometimes that can be useful to look further down corridors with low ceilings, around corners etc.

Another big thing is just experience with the particular dungeon. After a few runs you'll know where the next group of mobs are, where pats come from and walk to, etc. Obviously you can't know that before running the place a few times, and in some cases getting caught unawares and having the proverbial hit the fan, but that does tend to make that aspect stick in your mind more!

Just my 2c :)

Edit: thanks for the correction, Runetetris! Being able to look without turning your toon is what I was trying (and failing) to get across :)
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09/20/2012 03:12 PMPosted by Arkhazh
You can hold down right-click to rotate your camera view without changing position; sometimes that can be useful to look further down corridors with low ceilings, around corners etc.

Holding down the right mouse button will physically turn your character. So looking behind you that way while tanking you may get hit in the back and miss autoattacks etc. It's the left mouse button you hold to move the camera without changing position, at least by default.

Also this command will allow your camera to zoom out a !@#$load (if you already knew this my apologies):
/console CameraDistanceMaxFactor 5
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I find that when it gets all tight and my view gets messed up because I have set really far out to tank, I stop paying attention to the graphics and just focus on the nameplates. I imagine it is like getting your “flying in the clouds” sign off for a pilot’s license. All the sudden the readouts matter and you cannot rely on the visual clues as much. Tidy Plates:Threat Plates becomes more important to me. I swing my view around a lot more with my left only mouse button, so I can tank in the direction I set myself up in and still see what is going on behind me. Levels like that really help you develop that swivel neck tanks are known for. It also tests your tab targeting abilities.

I can’t imagine doing an instance like that with keyboard turning and the default UI.

Like tanking, doing it more makes it easier.

I am comfortable now in tight spaces. I thought I was going to go crazy the first time I tried to tank in a closed in environment.

I don't zoom in and out anymore to correct for the jumpy display. After doing it a bunch I think it is easier to just live with it.

also : Just my 2c :)
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In larger raids I usually find my camera has panned to a nigh Warcraft/WCII/WCIII view from above and far away.

I don't even do it consciously anymore, I just adjust it and there it goes.
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Turn your default nameplates on, or get Tidy Plates.

Get used to panning your camera around. Keybind your abilities instead of clicking them, because that leaves your mouse free to pan your camera/move.
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