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What are your thoughts on pure DPS classes going into MoP? Nearing the end of 4.3, and in the hands of a human (not patchwerk simulations) we saw buffs to melee classes that made them serious contenders in the DPS charts. Now at the end or the raid season druids, shamans, priests and DKs damage was fantastic.

With fights putting fewer restrictions on group composition is the time over for the Pure DPS class (Mage, Rogue, Hunter, and Warlock) coming to an end? Some of the top teams have benched these guys for hybrid dps in their planned MoP progression raid teams. Will a hybrid class who can pull ahead in damage and fill a secondary role to your raid have more appeal that a class who does equal damage but can serve only 1 role in your group?

Should pure dps classes get a buff to make them more attractive in PvE?
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I dont feel that hybrid dps are really pulling ahead in dps. All throughout 4.x raiding I was at or near the top of my raids dps charts.

With that said, a couple hybrids in the raid comp help. I raid ten man so our roster consists of 2 tanks ( with offspecs that make role switching for 1 tank fights possible) 2 healers, 6 dps (1 with a tank spec and 1 with a heal spec for fights that require extras). The same can be said for 25 mans. Not sure on the numbers as I havent raided 25s since wrath, but 2 tanks, 6 heals and 17 dps sounds right, obviously they would have 1 or 2 hybrids available to fill what extras are needed.

When it comes to picking our roster, our raid leaders aren't focused on picking the class. We pick the people that have the focus and determination to get things done and allow them to pick what class they play. Obviously there would be restrictions if we have 4 people wanting to tank.

Having 10 (25) hybrids doesn't exactly help the group as there are still requirements on what you can bring. You still need 1-2 tanks, 2-3 healers (6-7 for 25s) and 5-7 dps (16-18 for 25s).

Even in high end progression oriented guilds I dont see the focus being on bringing "hybrids" the focus would be on bringing whatever/whoever they need to bring the requirements to kill bosses. If the hybrids bring the highest numbers then I see them doing it. But for the most part I see pure classes on par with hybrids so there would be no need focus on hybrids beyond what is needed to bring the option to have an extra healer for 1 fight or have a few extra dps for a particular fight.
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