Too Much CC

85 Human Rogue
Without CC damage in pvp would have to be brought up a !@#$ ton. Or in arena's NOONE would ever get a kill lined up without burst.
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100 Worgen Hunter
Or nerf healing. As I said.
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90 Undead Rogue
i'll fear you less, if you stunlock me less.
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100 Orc Shaman

They'd have to nerf damage as well.

You clearly don't get how PvP works. As it stands (and as it was before 5.0), a single competent healer could outheal 3+ DPSers easily for minutes at a time without a solid mix of well coordinated CC and cooldowns. If they nerf CC, which they absolutely should, they'd obviously need to nerf healing. Nerfing damage would be idiotic. It would make it so two DPS teams can never beat a healer+DPSer.

l0l ok. 2 competent DPS can take down a healer if that healer has no help and the dps don't have downs, if 2+ dps can't kill a healer, the healer is not the problem.
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100 Dwarf Warrior
09/16/2012 01:41 AMPosted by Carmageddon
You know what sucked about SWTOR's pvp? You couldn't move two feet wthout being hit by some form of CC.

It was horrible. I played a Jedi Guardian, because I wanted the class most analogous to WoW warrior. I couldn't do ANYTHING in PvP because every class had multiple knockbacks, roots, and speedboosts.

Without the talent that made you immune to knockback for 3 secs or whatever after using Force Leap, it was impossible to stay on any target. Even other Jedi Guardians/Sith Juggernauts, we also had a knockback.

Stopped playing after 4 months, which is a lot longer than most of my friends lasted. If WoW pvp is that bad at 90...

I'm glad they stole the AoE looting from SWTOR, but why did they have to steal the PvP CC insanity as well
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90 Human Paladin
World of Crowd Control
Reduce the duration of CC, and give more classes ways to break it. A trinket with a 2 minute cooldown is not nearly enough. Maybe reduce the cooldown of trinket to 1 minute.
Also my ability Emancipate is pretty much useless. What it does is breaks me away from movement impairing effects. The ability is crap because i can use hand of freedom (breaks movement impair and makes me immune for 6 seconds) twice before incurring the cooldown.
They should give emancipate a 20 second cooldown and make it break me out of fear.
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