Do you enjoy your class after 5.0?

100 Human Paladin
There has not been a time where I enjoyed playing my Paladin more than now (and I've been playing since release). I love all the new abilities gained and all the options the talent system allows me. The level 60 tier is pretty weak but it's not a big deal at all in the larger picture.
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100 Blood Elf Warlock
Warlock. yes.
HPaly. yes.
DK. I guess. He was failing out of favour anyway. Just my gatherer and random BG guy.
Rogue. to early to tell. Just turned 35.
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90 Orc Shaman
Meh, ele shamans apparently went 2 steps backwards with 5.0 to literally become the worst dps. Should gain those 2 steps back at 90, but still looking like mediocre dps at best (which has pretty much been the norm for quite a while now I suppose).

Here's to hoping otherwise! Not particularly enjoyable doing like 5-6k less dps than the last time I played back in Nov though.
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100 Human Paladin
Love paladin. I've been playing since release, and I've never had a more engaging rotation/priority list in all 3 specs (I play prot main, and switch my offspec between holy and ret).
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100 Human Paladin
I'd prefer Vanilla to what MoP brings to the table.
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90 Goblin Rogue
09/18/2012 12:48 PMPosted by Geldorff
I'd prefer Vanilla to what MoP brings to the table.

Back when Paladins' only place at the table was healing?

Rogue is bleh. Typical runt (bad damage at the start of expacs due to gear scaling) syndrome, knee-jerk nerfs due to dominance of Dagger rogues in PvE/PvP. "Changes/Quality of Life" like polishing a rusty bucket. Will wait for changes, probably going Monk if none come.
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100 Troll Shaman
Not enjoying doing 5-10k less dps then when I unsubbed, but... yeah that's really it. Triple lava bursts are nice, I guess. I also drop 1 totem at a time... really kills the feel.

Then at 90... mediocrity, thy name be shaman.
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100 Troll Mage
On my ele shaman, its just eh even though it didn't really change rotation wise it still feels weird.

On fire mage, I love the changes.

On Blood Dk, I haven't touched DS but so far its a lot funner to play as well rotation wise

On Ret paly/Prot paly, Same with DK in that I haven't touched DS but I am loving the changes in them both.
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90 Pandaren Priest
No more rng on orbs. Variety in talents. Burst not tied to the 4 piece. Yeah, I am happy.
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19 Draenei Shaman
My boomkin went from having zero DPS cooldowns to two (soon to be three at level 90), gained disengage, nature's swiftness, healing in moonkin form, glyph of stars (I HATE the boomkin model), starsurge that hits like a truck, and, on top of everything else, the ursol's vortex/solar beam toliet that dumps on any caster/healer for 10 seconds.

Oh, and a new travel form, abilities that trigger forms in 1 GCD rather than having to shift then use abilities in 2 GCDs, and at 90 we get the coolest spell/ability ever put into the game.

Yes. I'm enjoying my boomie very, very much.
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90 Orc Warrior
Divided by classes and specs where applicable:


- Fury - Love it. Love it love it love it. I love it more than in BC when I leveled as fury simply because I loved Death Wish and dual wielding. It is nice to use in PvP as well, love the burst cleave damage it is capable of with meat cleaver and raging blow.

- Arms - I admit that I haven't given myself much opportunity to adjust, but I am as of yet not a fan at all of the new TFB. I find the duration of the buff completely unrealistic for PvP. But so long as Fury is so fun I don't think I'll mind.


- Frost - I like having a bomb. I still miss the TBC feel of hardcasting simple shatters. Never was a fan of Deep Freeze and all the extra silliness that it adds.

- Fire - Less frustrating than before, but compared to my other classes I still find it dull as dust. It does still have those moments on AoE packs where it gets the juices pumping as you watch yourself unleash an inferno of death, but I can't stand it on a singular target. PvP is an absolute joke as Fire btw. Hoping for scaling to kick in at 90 for both specs (I've heard it does in a big way)


- Shadow - Fun. I like having curve balls thrown at me via procs, so I really kind of dove into it. It still has the "steady and smooth" feeling that it had before, just less reliant on a silly ramp up mechanic (it was fine in PvE but got annoying at times in PvP. I didn't like the old orb RNG either). On a single target I feel the damage is appropriate and doesn't really outclass everyone. The issue is multidotting. So much fun for the priest. So much death for healers. Still requires CC to pull off though (unless everything crits while you have shadowfiend out), and I get the feeling that most people are freaking out mostly because the class has a toolkit that it did not have prior. Psyfiend is no more ridiculous than Seduce, IMO. Self healing is out of control, but that is a problem with all hybrids (less noticable on melee due to tiny mana pools and enhancement's reliance on Healing Storm glyph)

- Disc - Why would I bother? Shadow is fun :P


- All specs - Same problem as always. Amazingly fun class in PvP. Energy flows well in that environment. It feels stifling in PvE. I guess Combat is less of an issue but if I wanted to mash one key I'd play my mage. Subt used to be at least a little fun in PvE what with having to maintain so many finishers, but that isn't necessary anymore. I wonder how much it might help if "refresh" mechanics were removed from finishers. *shrugs*


- My most recent 85. I fell in love with my hunter as I leveled. Focus had such a great flow both in PvE and PvP. Now... I feel so flooded with it that I find myself able to spam Arcane Shot over and over. At least for PvE, I felt it lost the rhythm that kind of hooked me in. Not a big deal though, I'll level him to 90 at some point and maybe the silly burst damage will have scaled down enough that my cooldowns don't feel so cheesy.


- Elemental - Instant LvB is nice. Same dull rotation feels too much like the class is stuck in vanilla. I don't demand complexity or a difficult rotation. I just crave some form of depth. Fulmination hasn't quite fit that bill as the only choice comes about with the potential for clipping shock cooldowns for Fire/Earth. I still feel that Frost shock NEEDS the Wind Shear treatment.

- Enhancement - Umm. I like certain things about it, but I feel like PvP-wise we lost a bit too much that we either can't recover at all or are forced to glyph it. I have no choice with the Ghost Wolf glyph. It is an autoselect. I love the totem changes, although I don't think that Searing has evolved properly. I feel the spec could use a bit more depth too, but it could be worse. Having MW5 be a top priority again is a good feeling. I just get so frustrated by my lack of mobility, and I feel like as soon as I face a competent group of players that I just become an annoying fly. I do like how much group healing I can pull off with chain heal + EoTE. Very fun in BG's and I'm sure in arenas as well. Just that damned mobility that throttles both our damage AND utility entirely. Maybe if the Spirit Wolves 4set from t13 was baseline it would help us keep maelstroms going when we are rooted/snared.
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90 Gnome Warlock
destro lock - heck yes

druid - still on the fence. she used to be my favourite. my original number 1 main character for the past 7 or so years. but now i feel kinda meh when playing her. i dont like that most of the abilities are locked out of each spec now. maybe im just too old school hybrid with her.

shaman - underwhelmed. i miss my totems, even if they are just sorta present now or whatever, i liked em.

warrior - enjoying her gameplay

hunter - havent really played enough of her shes kinda just sittin around sw as a bm hunter.

honestly i think i just want this damn xpack to hurry up (less than a week gahh) because i want to make my monk.
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90 Orc Warrior
Fury Warrior.....ABSOLUTELY love it right now. Prot I'm not sure about yet....need to really give it a good go before making a judgement. I love the new CD's but I just haven't been able to shake off the squishier feeling. Probably just need more practice. Only tried Arms in Beta (and found it dull as dirt)

Death Knight- Really digging 2-h Frost, but it does feel somewhat clunkier now. Not digging Masterfrost DW at all.
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91 Tauren Shaman
Demonology Warlock is awesome. It was extensively reworked for MoP and they did a fabulous job.

This enhancement shaman got a bunch of QoL changes and crazy good self-healing, but is mostly unchanged from cataclysm.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Shaman (Enhancement)- Very good. A little disappointed to not see the usual pre-expansion patch super jump in DPS that some specs got this time. Still, I like that there is more to do to excel as a DPS while playing Enhancement. Only real quibble I have is that the current design virtually requires making shift macros, a gaming mouse, and more buttons than offered in the default UI to even function, really. I'm not saying fully optimized, just baseline necessity. In truth I find this an issue for most specs I've played since the patch.

Druid (Balance)- Absolutely fantastic! Doing competitive DPS again, and has 2 worthwhile cooldowns. I can't complain about it at all. It feels like it is finally where it has needed to be for years.

Druid (Resto)- Feels kind of "meh", not that it is bad, just feels very much as it did through Cataclysm. I like that the Mastery buff stays up 20 seconds now, making Mastery a very attractive stat.

Warrior (Prot)- Good. I like active mitigation, I like that my rage is a real resource now (again?) that you have to employ tactically. I like that I can do something even if I have no rage. I dislike that the cost of SBlock is so high, because it defeats the sense that you're using your rage in a very tactical way, since it will invariably be entirely devoted in massive chunks to Sblock repeatedly, and you can only afford to use it otherwise in the extremely unlikely circumstance that your rage bare is full and you have Sblock up already.

Death Knight (Frost)- Underwhelming. I don't care for the "Masterfrost" priority queue, but its now going to be the default way to go for DW Frost. It feels unnatural to me, and my ability to deal damage has suffered as a result.

Paladin (Ret)- Fantastic! Plenty of Holy Power generation, and plenty of meaningful ways to use it. I love the additional Holy Power to cap, giving the ability to pool it if you like, and a lot more flexibility in "rotation".

Paladin (Holy)- Fantastic! Feels a bit overpowered at the moment, but who doesn't like that once in a while? ;-)

Warlock (Affliction)- I feel very overwhelmed with Warlock changes, and I haven't messed with it much, but I haven't been able to pull even decent numbers, yet.
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100 Night Elf Hunter
My hunter feels like a shadow of his former self. My DPS has moved down slightly and most of my fellow raiders saw DPS increases so I am at best middle of the pack now.

Since sims show it does not get better at 90 I wonder about my raid spot.

I guess all I can do it reroll to one of my alts or hope they fix my DPS by the time I get to 90.
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98 Blood Elf Paladin
Ret - improved for sure, and maybe they've hit the sweet spot! The rotation isn't so slow like Cata that you are waiting multiple globals for something, anything to come off cd, but yet its not so fast that its lich king style of whack-a-mole dps. And the T5 talents are a really nice way to customize your rotation a little with either a cd, rng, or more hammer of wraths. I like it!

Hunter (BM/Surv) - tough to say with the regen mechanics at 85. Right now it feels very frantic. Both specs I'm hitting AS way way more frequently than I used to to keep from maxing on focus. And between that and more cd's to hit, I barely have time to cobra shot to keep SrS up.

BM has so many cd's that it overshadows and gets in the way of a rotation imo. Survival I took thrill of the hunt, and between that and crazy focus regen, I'm nearly spamming arcane shot.

Its not smooth at all, but maybe that'll change at 90.
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91 Goblin Warlock
I have one of each class and I'd say:

Warlock - Loving it, my new main. Destro and Demon are both fun and interesting specs that I've been pretty solid dps on. Love the different pets, though I wish they all did the same dps, but different helpful tricks basically. I've always wanted to be demonology with the sucubus as my main pet.

Paladin - Love it, all 3 specs feel much more fluid and smooth and was really close to being my main for Panda, but Warlock has just drawn me in more.

Warrior - I Love Fury, like arms and still hate tanking on my warrior. When I tank on my DK and Pally it's a joy and smooth. When I'm on my warrior, it seems clunky and too many talents to worry about or something, just don't dig warrior tanking.

Mage - Never really gave mage a chance before, but played a good week of it after the changes and I really like Arcane for trying to weave in some AOE and the Fire spec seems to be a lot of fun. Frost seems pretty much the same and didn't really draw me in at all. Arcane is a lot more interesting in my opinion with the new ways to AOE.

Rogue - Seems really weak and though it's smooth, I just couldn't get the dps out of it that would have made me feel a bit more powerful. PVP only class for me.

Death Knight - Love tanking on DK, blood is fun. Haven't had a chance to try the other two specs atm though.

Druid - was always my favorite, loved Boomkin before the spell bar that you have to watch go back and forth telling you which type of spell to cast. I still didn't like how that worked in the new patch. Resto seems the same and is still very solid. Cat doesn't draw me in at all with the flow of things. Bear tanking is great and easy, but I just hate staring at a bear !@# the whole time.

Hunter - To be determined, use to be my main 6 years ago, but I've lost that loving feeling and haven't been able to touch it to see the changes since patch.

Shaman - I like the enhancement rotation, still dislike the AOE of the spec. Elemental feels less boomy and hopefully that changes at 90, but it's still a fun class. Resto seems very much the same and solid. I loved enhance back in BC when I raided as enhance. Now every spec feels underwhelming and too many weaknesses compared to some of the other classes I've been playing. I hold hopes that enhance will be pwnlishes at 90.

Priest - I love Holy spec atm. It has some great AOE healing that you can switch to single target quick healing with your chakra switch. I haven't played around with the other specs as much. This will be my main healer for panda though unless I fall in love with Monk.

Just some thoughts from a pve prospective on my various classes that I've played around with in the last couple weeks.
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Simple answer is yes.

But in no way am i saying its perfect.
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