[Death Dealers] - Recruiting

100 Tauren Druid
Death Dealers

Allegiance: Horde
Type: Raiding Guild, Loot Council
Schedule: (Subject to change) Wednesday - Friday, 7pm to 9pm Eastern
Guild Leader: Vilencia
Status: Currently recruiting
Recruiting: Any and all classes and specializations

Note: Although we're primarily a raiding guild, we're always happy to take in social members as well. If you're not a raider, but you like supporting the front line and having a good time while doing so - join here! We have discovered that socials are quite powerful in helping a guild maintain proper order and for that reason we welcome any and all that have a good attitude on life. =)

Death Dealers has been a long established guild within the realm of Blade's Edge since the Burning Crusade. For quite some time we held the reigns as a known entity in the raiding forces. At the end of cataclysm, however, we have suffered heavy and unfortunate losses within our ranks and raiding core. Because of that we are looking for new and fresh faces to battle alongside us against future threats. We're here as the last line of defense, and we'll make sure it's the last line needed...

As for the specifics of what we're looking for in an individual, we need mature people with raiding experience. We don't mind taking in new raiders though; we've found diamonds in the rough and we've turned lead to gold, so believe it when we say we're willing to work with people. We do ask that all participants be exactly that - participants. Coming unprepared to a raid and with little to no knowledge on the bosses will earn you a cold stare and a harsh reality check. Timely attendance and a willingness to learn is also a must, but know that we do understand that real life things take priority. For that, should anything arise out of the normal that would prevent you from attending a raid that you would have otherwise we just ask that you message us about your absent so that we may attempt to fill the role.

Personality-wise, please have a sense of humor; it goes miles when resolving internal issues. Respect is a must in all circumstances, even in non-guild related things like running with PuGs or talking in trade chat. Death Dealers is a place for intelligent and honorable fighters, not for !@#-wipes with attitudes. Having said that, we're not incredibly strict people. Stepping out of line isn't going to result in any unfavorable situations, but doing it continuously will receive quick responses from guild's Praetors. Over all, if you're looking for cool, level-headed individuals to call 'friend' we're a great choice and we'd love to have you! ;)

The only technical requirement is that we ask all raiders to have Ventrillo. We have to have a clear line of communication, so it is a must.

Raiding Schedule

Our primary schedule is Thursday through Saturday. We usually start at 7 pm eastern time and go on for two hours. It is VERY important that you are ready to raid AT seven. This is a reduced raiding schedule; an unfortunate result of having lost members. When the guild returns to it's normal strength the schedule will be subject to change in either one of two ways (or potentially both): raiding length, increase of raiding days.

No one is required to attend any raid. We simply ask that if you come to raid with us that you try and make it an active goal of yours.

In the end... if you're looking for a place to call home and a team to kick bad guy's arses with, you've been reading the right post and we hope to have you by our side soon! Contact either Duskz or Vilencia for further information regarding our awesome guild and additional information.

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88 Pandaren Monk
Still open for recruiting. Need to fill a few more spots and then we're good to go!
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