MoP Plate Tank Gear Guide

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10/17/2012 03:08 AMPosted by Celyndrashad
Currently haste for paladins is on par with haste for survival, and the only reason I or others use the > sign before = is because haste actually gives a significant dps gain while mastery does not.
You mean on par with mastery?
Combat tables, diminishing returns and you!
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Damn you!!!


Editing now!
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Yeah, yeah.

Sounded good in my head when i wrote it.

/review fail.
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Oh I definitely understand where you are coming from and its good to talk about different aspects of gearing.

I have a different view on whether BLizz intended haste to be a tanking stat for prot pally's or not. Just because of Sanctity of Battle I believe Blizz knew what they were aiming for when it comes to hit>exp>haste and mastery over avoidance stats. The more haste you have, the more mitigation held thru shield of the righteous OR the more self healing thru seal of insight and word of glory. Blizz wanted a more hands on approach to tanking, and this is the biggest example for it. Going for straight dodge and parry makes tanking more like cata, relying on a less dynamic approach to tanking and just relying on the rolls to make decisions for you.

Also haste is greater than mastery for the simple fact that its not just a dps increase over mastery, its also a survival increase over mastery. All mastery does is increase the amount blocked thru Shield of the Righteous, but without haste, it is much more inconsistent. Haste is a survival increase over mastery because it will allow more holy power regeneration thereby increasing uptime on shield of the righteous as well as let you get in quick heals in the meantime. As gear scales up, eventually haste and mastery will even out to the point were mastery will begin to outpace it.

Do note I am talking strictly about pally tanks when I make an argument for haste stats. Because otherwise I agree with what you are saying.
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bumpin. dont want it lost
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Happy Halloween everyone.

Today is my last day on wow for a while (Real life and all that) so one final bump from me.

Its been fun and i hope to come back once life settles down get MoP and level. But till then thanks for everything!
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Great guide. Haste is my God now though, until Blizz breaks it.
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