Thanks HSF!

32 Tauren Warrior
Nay Gug. You're wrong. If you actually think I care about fish, then you're delusional. I care about slaughtering Horde scum and cleaning the world of your kind. As for RP goals, I have them. Though they are on a fair balance with my PvP goals. You on the other hand, seem to enjoy completing your silly "Goals" of disrupting our flight masters or whatever, even if it means dying over and over and over and over again without killing more than two Alliance.

I don't like to "disrupt", I like to conquer! I go into Orgrimmar and kill as many as I can and sometimes I ever conquer that whole damn Valley of Strength while you moronic Horde hide in Garrosh's room thinking that he's my next target. I understand there will be deaths on the battlefield, but not like the ones you and your guys had last night as you moved from town to town getting wiped at each one you went to. That could hardly even be considered World PvP if you don't stand and fight and just keep moving before we even have a chance to get to you. That's a whole new category I'd like to call World RP-PvE. Where you fly around in the world, killing NPCs for an RP purpose.

I just hope your members believe that the RP you have during your silly missions is fun enough to compensate for the suicidal maneuvers that you tend to pull which end up wiping your entire raid and, perhaps even, embarrassing your raid members in front of the people in Stormwind.
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100 Human Mage
I kill things.
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90 Orc Warrior
All hail winner of last fishing tournament ever.

Hail King Ozrek!
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