WoW Will be the WoW killer

90 Human Paladin
Judging from the current amount of emphasis placed upon PVP in the coming expansion and coupling it with the introduction of large proportions of CC with the failure to scale healing with damage it is likely Mop will be the last expansion of the World of Warcraft as a large mmo.

I would guess the player frustration will garner another large drop in subscriptions and reduce the current population to under 6 million subscribers. This of course tends to bring a snowfall effect leaving the game with a few hangers on waiting for their issues to be addressed.

When we address the issue of the game being killed most would assume we were discussing it no longer being played. The truth is that the death of WoW is understood more as it ceasing to be an mmo and simply falling to the ranks of other low population games.

I'm looking forward to Mop since it to me is the best mmo coming out. WoW has been a solid game for a number of years. Yet I must say I look forward to MoP it less as new content and more as an escape from the subpar content that was cataclysm. I have high hopes that Mop will have most of the problems of cataclysm fleshed out though as I see more and more of the content I'm seeing that hope dim.

In either case to nail in the coffin to the subscriber loss will more than likely be the continued loss of new and improved content via the addition of similar and over used pve mechanics coupled with the collapse of mini-games such as pvp.
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90 Orc Warrior
Healing HAS scaled with damage. Both are just obscenely high when compared with our current health bars.

Definitely looking forward to MoP though. Wasn't a fan of Dragon Soul.

/Dreams of Ulduar and prays for similar content in the future.
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Because they never patch anything right? If there is an imbalance in this game as drastic as you are saying, the devs will fix it. This game is constantly changing, so you can't pretend that just because it may seem unbalance now, it will stay that way unless it was meant to be that way. How many times have classes been tweaked in this game since vanilla? They aren't going to change anything 5 days before the xpac. Wait for 90 to make any accusations.
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90 Pandaren Hunter
I love where you describe 6 million people as "hangers on" while no other MMO has even approached that number of subs. Not that I disagree with your premise, the only thing that will kill wow is wow.
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85 Human Priest
Have any of you actually played at level 90 on the beta or do you like to pretend you know what you're talking about?
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90 Human Paladin
What we have here ladies and gentlemen is a general variation of blizzard supporters. While I and likely most other players support many of the developers decisions I cannot say the game has improved so much as simply changed.

I believe WoW will be the leading mmo for years to come however the title of "leading" will be somewhat less than it has been and perceivably ever will be again.

Everyone has an opinion and of course I welcome any and all. My opinion is that rushing to support for the mere reason of supporting does little to improve game-play.

So take this thread for what it is; a challenge for the developers to improve and not simply duplicate. I can say...change the frostbolt mechanic to look different and perhaps shorten or lengthen the cast time while adjusting it's base dps to be exactly what it was. Does the simple change improve game-play? Does adding a similiar mechanic to another class improve game-play?

If we placed frostbolt on a warlock or boomkins cast bar that would be a change that may or may not improve the game for the warlock or boomkin. However if we replicate the entire mage cast system and made everything instant cast with a CD do we now have a hunter?

So if you enjoy the game and want to improve the game perhaps you should state what would give you the edge you've been longing for rather than the simple declaration of "class X has Y ability and it is overpowered plz nerf." It would be refreshing to see "class X has Y ability I need something like Z to counter it."

Such as I don't like the feel of using instant cast abilities with CD's rather than cast time since cast time abilities are far more dynamic. What I mean is that often I would go to dps a target or heal it and another more compelling target might pop up. With a cast time ability I can cancel midcast and respond while my instant cast is simply gone and on CD.

So why don't I use cast time abilities more? For me it's that in a PVP environment I will more than likely be interrupted or locked out. In PVE I'm left with subpar cast time abilities since the arms race has put my instant cast CD's beyond the casts.

For example why should I flash of light for 40k when my off CD holy shock costs a 5th of the mana and heals for 50k on a 50% crit rate and grants a holy power which I can now save or use for even more instant healing. What I crave is my devotion auro on a lower CD so that I can use my cast ability more and have the cast time ability buffed and my instant cast reduced to give me the equivalent loss in mana and gain in healing. Also more compelling use of Holy Power would be nice. Such as my holy power granting increased healing at it's height and less as it is consumed. Much like on my warlock.

What do you guys want?
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90 Human Hunter
What does this have to do with damage dealing?
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90 Blood Elf Mage
09/20/2012 08:36 PMPosted by Youguy
What does this have to do with damage dealing?

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90 Pandaren Warrior
new dungeons, new raids, Many zones packed with questing, new daily quest structure, scenarios, pet battles, player farming


new arenas, new BGs, pet battles (BARELY PvP), a demounting-tool to "fix" world PvP

I won't argue with you.

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90 Goblin Shaman
09/20/2012 08:36 PMPosted by Youguy
What does this have to do with damage dealing?
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90 Human Paladin
09/21/2012 12:41 PMPosted by Cakemountain
What does this have to do with damage dealing?

The ability to do damage and the environment in which it is done.
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90 Human Rogue
If you look back at the history of MMO's there is always a patch or expansion that destroys a game. I agree will the creator of this thread.

WOW will kill WOW. No other game will.

Flame on........
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