90 Draenei Mage
REFLECTION! I had enough of this!!! How dare you, HOW DARE YOU do such a thing! Someone died! Show some kind of compassion!!! To think I allowed something so disgusting in my guild?! What are you a child?!!! YOU RUIN THIS GUILD AND YOUR POSITION WITH YOUR CHILDISH MOCKERY! I will make sure no one in the realm of Exodar takes you in! At first I was willing to hear your story but this is out of line! Consider yourself an outcast from this realm and this guild!

To everyone I am sorry. I usually trust members to be mature and act as adults. I will make sure he is not welcomed in any guild. I am sorry for the lost of a fellow player however I did not know them. My prayers go out to the family.
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100 Night Elf Druid
09/22/2012 06:38 AMPosted by Reflectionz
i bet he's not even dead. i bet he moved to another game, and this is him just pretending to be his brother.

Not cool dude.
Have some respect.
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85 Human Warrior
I am not a computer person, I was given this PC from Phil, the only things he had left on it when I booted up was warcraft and notes of friends and how to format his PC.

As his younger brother I know for a fact he would never make dead baby jokes under any circumstance.

I am not sure who this poster is, but this ,out of respect for my brother must stop.

As I am new to these forum, who is it I must contact to remove this filth from my brothers thread ?

this is totally uncalled for.

Phil battled with health issues for 8 years, he did not know he had cancer untill May.

May untill september he went fast .

If you would like to be rude to Phil, please visit Pine grove cemetery
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90 Draenei Mage
Log on, go near their reply, click report also you can send in a support ticket on account form. Write their name and realm down.
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90 Gnome Mage
I'm so sorry to see that he's gone- RIP Umegabyte. May his family- WoW and RL- rejoice in his memory. I only spoke to him a few times, but he seemed like a great guy.
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100 Human Warrior
Yowzer, on all of his various characters, was a good man and a good friend. We enjoyed many late-night chats and farming runs, and he was always ready and willing to help his friends, in game and out, never asking anything in return. He will be sorely missed.
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90 Night Elf Death Knight
I'm sorry for the loss. Phil was a truly great person and he will remain in our memories forever.
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86 Night Elf Death Knight
Yowzer has been a friend to me I feel lucky to have known him. Bless him
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100 Night Elf Druid
What can i say about my dear Umegabyte? I always refused to accept his name change to Yowzer even though it so sounded like something he would say :) He was Mega to me and will always be. I remember him from my early days in Cheese Vendor, he was the only one who would run me through Dire Maul and told me to pack a lunch since it was such a long dungeon. We used to spend nights together just running around Azeroth since his granddaughter liked watching his mammoth run around. I will never forget how he would just troll around trade chat and i call him on it all the time. I regret so much not talking to him as much as i wanted to these past few months. He told me a few months back he possibly had cancer then told me he was fine. I kinda wonder if that was a cover or not to try to hide what was going on. My last conversation with him was a few weeks ago and he talked about wanting to meet me before he passed. I thought that seemed odd since he was doing better and i told him i wouldnt deny him his request. He wanted to get coffee and meet with me. Said hed put me in his will but i told him he was being silly. I loved his accent and how he was a Marine and that both his boys are in the service. Always told him there was something about a man in uniform :) I loved him and will always cherish his friendship over these past years and i will NEVER forget him. I am pleased that he enjoyed our last conversation with each other and its something ill keep with me.

Rest in Peace my dearest friend -Tor
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100 Pandaren Mage
In all my dealings with Yowzer/Hondo he was always a gentleman, and I enjoyed talking to him, especially because we were contemporaries in age.

I had great respect for him, because of his wiliness to help others and his dedication to handing out Leaping Hatchlings in guild chat. My characters would not have had them without Phil's help!

I was particularly honored to help him with cross faction trading, if for no other reason than that I could repay his unfailing generosity. His generosity set an example that I intend to emulate, so that when I leave this world the great folks from Cheese Vendor will hopefully say that I was just half as generous as Phil!

His brother exhibited great courage by leading Phil's in-game memorial, and for that he has my unwavering respect. Both of my brothers have died, and I feel the pain of their loss daily, as I'm sure Phil's brother must. I try to focus on all the great times I had with my late brothers, and that has carried me through the years since their loss.

Phil will be missed, by me and a great crowd, to be sure!

Requiescat in pace (Rest in peace), Marine.
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100 Night Elf Hunter
Phil...Umegabyte/Yowzer/Hondo and his various alt names. You will be missed. Although you could be difficult at times...due mostly to the health problems and meds I believe. I never lost respect for you as a player. You were always helpful to others even when the pain was at its worst for you. I regret that we never got back on the same friendly terms as we once were. That is for me to live with I guess. Your pain is gone now my friend and I hope that the time you spent in game and with all of us on Exodar realm was a comfort and distraction from your pain. Many a late night we spent in game and in vent and I never once thought of those moments as wasted time. Be proud of those you helped as we will be proud of you, Marine. May the afterlife grant you all that this world would not. Semper Fi !!!
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