90 Draenei Shaman
Thanks to everyone who came to say farewell to Phil tonight. It was very touching to see such camaraderie and compassion from guildmates, other guilds, the horde and even other servers. It reinforced my belief that there are kind and caring people behind most of these keyboards. The good in people outweighed the misguided minority and gave us all a moment to pause and reflect on a life taken way too early.

I was touched as you shared your stories about time with Phil in his many incarnations in game. How many of us had Phil help level a toon? Hunt down a rare pet? Finish an achievement? How many times did he tell you to clear your cache? :)

I laughed as his brother described him in real life and saw a clear reflection of his "real" self in his online persona. I often thought of him as THAT crazy uncle. You know, the one who will embarrass you in front of your friends, and may have one too many at the family reunion, but is always there when you need you need help moving or have a flat tire. He was OUR crazy uncle. It makes me feel humble and proud (if I may be both at once) to be honored enough to lead a ragtag group of Cheese Vendors who can care so much about their own. He cared about you all.

Yowzer logged off tonight in Northern Barrens in sight of his favorite hunting grounds sitting on his Time Lost Protodrake. Happy Hunting, friend. Be free from pain and rest easy.
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90 Human Paladin
Thanks so much to all of you who came out to the memorial held today for Phil. It was heartwarming to see so many of his in-game friends show up to pay their respects. Thank you again to Phil's brother for getting into the game for that and sharing stories about Phil, as well as giving an opportunity for all of us to share our memories with you. And thank you to all those who are posting respectfully here.

I laughed out loud, Torami, about Phil telling you to pack a lunch for Dire Maul, because I remember the same thing exactly! Thanks for that...
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85 Tauren Paladin
Did you record any of the memorial, I would be interested in seeing it.
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90 Draenei Shaman
I know there are some screenshots. I'll have to ask tonight for people to link some here.
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49 Night Elf Priest
Dear Umegabyte,

When I heard that you had left us
I was simply blown away
How could that be possible?
We were laughing in WotLK.

Your dry wit and your humor
Your style and devilish laugh
No one knew what you’d do next
But now that's in the past

Oh how I’d anticipate you
Joining trade chat late at night
How I waited for your quips
To begin a trollin fight

Always there for everyone
So dependable, sincere
Exodar will miss you,
And shed many tears,

So, my dear departed friend
I’ll think of you each day
Peace and rest and comfort
I hope you’ve found today.

Your last words to me
Will help my eyes to dry
You /slapped and /spit at me,
And that was your final goodbye.

Love Always,
Your Friend in Time,

- Moop
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90 Tauren Druid
What beautiful tributes to Phil. Personally, they have touched my heart and shown how the majority of those who play on Exodar are caring and wonderful people.
Phil's passing has brought out the best of our server and a reminder that behind our toons are people who have real lives with real hardships.

I only knew Phil via trade chat, but he gave me more than one chuckle. If someone has screen shots and/or taping of the memorial I would also love to see it. I would have been there had I known of it.

Hugs to all his guild mates and in game friends. My prayers are with you also.
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85 Human Warrior
I have formatted Phil's PC. warcraft is gone.
one note Phil left was to notify his friend " Montu " I forgot to do this.

could I ask a player who knows Montu or his guild to please let him know ?

Thank you

I am sure Phil would have enjoyed these short tributes.
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90 Dwarf Warrior
Only talked to him a few times, he was an awesome guy. RIP
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90 Night Elf Druid
I remember Umegabyte from the first time I hit trade chat in Darn. He will be missed by many on this server. My thoughts and prayers go out to his RL family, and to his WoW family as well. Real friendships are formed behind these keyboards, and I know his in game friends must be hurting as well. Remember to hold your loved ones close and tell them you love them...even those behind the avatar. RIP Umega.
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90 Draenei Mage
Yes, I definitely remember Umegabyte as Umegabyte myself; not a terrible lot I'm afraid as my memory's bad, but I definitely remember playing alongside when at least this toon (when this was a directionless alt when my Warrior was more important) and a partial bit of my other alts were in Cheese Vendor at one point. Very nice and unique person beyond the jokes he's made, but hey, we shall remember all of those in fond memory, too. :)


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90 Draenei Hunter
I remember when we first formed our guild and Umega joined to help get us started. Without him we would probably still be farming fish for feasts. He always wanted to help out anyway he could. I can't tell you how many nights we would all sit up chatting on vent until the late hours. Umega the community will greatly miss you.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
When I heard the news it was like a kick to the gut. I've known Phil since he first started playing.

He was quite the character. At times offensive, politically incorrect, aggressive but more often than naught, kind friendly and helpful, extremely helpful especially to new players.

A few memories of Phil:
Always complained about Blizz nerfing his Warrior.
Always going for the hardest in game achieves
Raiding while taking his meds AND drinking leading to even more memorable moments.
Fuming at bots fishing his spots. "ITS IN MY LAVAFISH SPOT!!!!"
Being acused of being a bot while farming Timbermaw rep.
Raging when the grocery store down the road uploaded their daily data dumps which he speculated was his reason for lagging or DC'ing every day at the same time.
He spoke often of his boys and how proud he was of them even if they didn’t follow him into the Marines.
I remember racing him for eggs in Netherwing mines to see who could get thier NetherDrake faster.
He loved tolling trade chat on his many alts ... all Warriors btw.
We use to chat on vent while watching Blizz Con, Phil would get excited and then upset when he'd hear the changes to achievements and his beloved Warriors.

After someone passes away people seem to only remember the good things about the person. Thinking back over the years I've known him, I can be honest there were times he annoyed the heck out of me and others, but there are allot more memories of the people he helped in the game and the fun times we had.

Sadly we had some issues and didn't have the chance to work them out.

Truly a character I will never forget.

My condolences to his family. Please know that while Phil was definitely rough around the edges, he made some lasting friendships in the game which often became real life friends. We often spoke about our families to each other and I know he cared deeply for all of you even though he found it hard to express.

Rest in peace Phil. I'll keep the checkers board set up for you.
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90 Human Paladin
My guild Servants of God was fortunate to have Phil among our crew on many raids-wipes- fun times. He was so much fun- and so easy going. I was fortunate to get to know him and we had many chats... Thanks to Phil, I learned how to get 'shiny shoes' in Dalaran.
You will be sadly missed Phil...YOWZER!!!! Our condolences to his family.
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I met Umegabyte when he was looking for a roHe was alue to collect boxes for an achievement. He was always fun to talk to & I will miss him. We had some great laughs in WoW.

Thank you for the update & my thoughts are with you and your family.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Umega will be missed, I know he was still in touch with some of our guildies towards the end. He helped a tremendous amout while he was here. He left a pretty good sized hole when he left. one of the most colorful players I have had the privledge to play with. even late at night when we were both getting delirious from sleep deprivation! (or it could have been just me!)

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90 Human Paladin
I did not know him personally, but I definitely remember seeing Umegabyte around the cities. Seeing this thread was a shock, because I was just thinking this week that I hadn't seen him around recently. I assumed he had changed his name (which I guess he had) or server transferred. My jaw literally dropped when I read this thread. Always sad to lose someone, even when you barely knew them.

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90 Human Paladin
I Didn't know Umega that much, but I'd see him around daily in SW, we were in the same raid group at times, and he was a great player, his passing is a blow to Exodar's community. Hearing all these great things "Phil" was like, i would've loved to have met him, but i was unfortunate not too, prayers go out to his family and friends.

Rest In Peace Mr.Phil
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72 Blood Elf Death Knight
I am truly sorry to learn of your loss.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
I am sorry for you loss. Your brother sounds like he was a great friend and a fun guy.
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