About us: Est in 2008, LoV has grown from a casual, fun place to be, to a semi-hardcore raiding guild is has become today. We dont pride ourselves on having the most guild members, but we do take pride in what we do. We still have fun, run weekly contests, and even monthly website contests, like "submit your screenshot", but we've also grown to enjoy raiding and progressing through current raid content.

Currently: We are seeking dedicated individuals to prepare for the upcoming MoP expansion. To help us grow as a guild and prepare for running dungeons and raids within MoP. We strive to continue being a top guild Alliance side on the Velen server, but to be even better in MoP.

Raiding and you: We expect all our raiders, mains and alts, to be gemmed, reforged and enchanted properly. We run fair loot systems, mainly round robin to insure everyone has a fair chance at loot, but epgp or variations could be applied. Raiders may be expected to help keep stock of guild materials such as fish and flasks to help with feasts and cauldrons, and occasionally be asked to help run new raiders through dungeons to help gear, or to help in other aspects(guild loot).

Our goal:Run 1-2 main 10 man progression teams and several alt teams when time allows. If you are seeking progression, and strive to be the best you can be whilst working together as a team, wiping and downing bosses, this is the place for you.

If Legends Of Velen sounds like the right core team for you, or if your looking for a place youd like to call home, please feel free to contact me directly real id Brianhise@hotmail.com (GM) or any officer in game, or on our website Legendsofvelen.enjin.com