Windows 8

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I have it, looks great to me
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Windows 8 is a fantastic OS.

The people who are bad mouthing it are usually the ones who have no idea.

Windows 8 is pretty much identical to windows 7 (good thing, windows 7 rocks). with the exception of the start menu being the metro interface (tablet looking screen).

Windows 8 allows you to log in with an email address which allows you to sync all kinds of stuff between PCs, and use the app store like a mobile device. Quite cool.

Windows 8 has been shown to boot faster and run faster then windows 7 and its very cheap to buy too!

Windows 8 is basically windows 7 but better, there is no reason not to like it, just ignorance.

Totally agree with all this. I love windows 8 and it's really not a lot different to windows 7. Those who say it's not easily accessible or whatever just haven't quite figured it out yet. It's really quite great :)
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I'm using Win8 in my netbook and I'm pretty happy about it.
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I beta tested & have windows 7 and feel its the best os since windows xp and this is from someone that used windows all the way back to windows 3.1 . From what i seen to far windows 8 can be grouped with windows me , 2000 which are biggest pieces of junk ive ever seen .
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Windows 8 is ... meh.

Then again, I much prefer Linux (I dual box). I can boot in under 10 seconds. Problem?

I think Windows 8 is EXCELLENT for touch screen interfaces such as tablets. To me, it's still not as strong as the android platform.

I do not like it's interface for desktop users. More doors to hide things behind, more fluffy pretty "customization" that really is just more limiting than anything.

I think they hit their demographic well, and especially via marketing it after using it on the windows phone and Xbox more-or-less (Metro was the platform for Window's 8).
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90 Pandaren Monk
Some of you may have your concerns quelled with the latest beta "find" from windows blue (8.1)

As well as many other features that are being put into the new build for windows 8, if you haven't seen (or cared to look) yet.
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90 Undead Warlock
Windows has always been like most of Stanley Kubrcik's work as a director. By that I mean "hit and miss", and I do not mean "hit OR miss". A great movie, followed by a terrible movie, almost like they were made by different people, in the same way that Microsoft always makes a great OS followed by a crappy one.

There have always been two clearly different teams at Microsoft, with two distinct visions of what an operating system should be.

And it goes like this team A comes out with something, followed by team B, who sucks at their job, but MS bullies all the chip makers into shipping with team B's crappy work. When team B is not working on a new OS, they are inventing things like Clippy.

Here's how it shakes out, from my own experience, yours may differ:

Windows 3.1 - Team A, does exactly what you expect 100% of the time.
Windows 95 - Team A, with recruits that will eventually be Team B. Nice change from 3.1 but with minor problems.
Windows 98 - Team B, Just like 95 except it includes multiple backdoor viruses, and new reasons for fatal disk errors; blue screens galore; reinstall is your best option whenever you encounter a real problem that is not hardware related.
XP - Team A, solid product, virus problems, but not as bad as 98
ME - Team B, horrible system, first occurrence of having to be an administrator just to make your browser MORE secure than it was. First occurrence of administrators not actually having any power when push came to shove.
NT2000 - Team A - all the bells and whistles of XP, but with more security, and an Admin account that actually could make changes.
Vista - Team B, a reimagining of everything that worked in XP and NT2K without any of the coding that backed it up. Just like ME, it is again, a resource hog that has so many services and processes to stop every time you restart the machine, that you begin deleting .exe files for the applets the manufacturer can pre-load as part of the OS installation package. It only persists because every pre-built PC unit that isn't Apple ships with it installed.
Windows 7 - Team A - O M G, it is like having XP installed again, except on a much better machine with a much better monitor. Windows 7 is what XP would have been had there been computers powerful enough to run it back then.

Which brings me to Windows 8... - Team B. - The little OS that nobody wanted. Yes, it makes navigating an Xbox easier, by a fraction of a hair; but an actual computer? I think not. The most enraging thing about it is the off button. Yes, the most basic and fundamental part of any electronic device is "how do you turn it off". Windows took the bold and mostly Autistic/Aspergers way of doing it by hiding the "OFF" button under "settings". Yes, technically, ON or OFF is a setting, but not one that should be hidden from the user. The windows 98 equivalent to turning off a Windows 8 machine is finding your way to the control panel window, to get to settings, to get to "OFF", which, I will remind you, control panel level stuff has been locked down by administrators since Windows 98. Meaning, if your machine you practically have to be an administrator to shut your Windows 8 machine off, other than by unplugging it.

Don't get Windows 8, just transfer your 7 license to your next machine, and wait for team A to come out with something worthwhile for your next upgrade.
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I honestly think what Microsoft is doing is the future, I LOVE YOU Windows 8. I own a Surface RT, & a Windows Phone 8 (Lumia 920), & play on upgrading my gaming PC to Windows 8. I think people just have an anti-Microsoft stigma for some reason (Maybe its left over anger from Vista or something). I like how its designed around working for everything, Tablet or convertible? Works wonderfully with touch! Laptop? It has all track pad gestures that you could think of natively built in! Desktop? There's so many shortcuts with simple clicks & mouse movement gestures (especially w/the charms bar) it works better than anything I've seen! The best thing is everything works together, my phone & tablet were "talking" with each other before I turned on my phone for the first time, which blew my mind, & it doesn't make you root your phone or tablet down like that Android, but it is much more open of an OS than iOS. Best OS I've ever used :)
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