Using Wordpress for Guild websites

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I just got our new guild website up and running this week.

It isn't perfect; I'm still messing with the widgets on the sidebar, there's css to edit, and some unfinished pages. We were previously with Wowstead (which I still think is great if you're looking for something easy and less expensive), but I really wanted something that encompassed the idea that we were a community rather than just a WoW guild. We play other games together and have frequent irl meetups. This past summer we had a BBQ with a loot card raffle, and the money earned from that has been more than enough to purchase hosting for a website.

My boyfriend is in IT and has more programming and web management experience than I do, so admittedly it requires a bit more effort. We are using bluehost to host the website and used Wordpress to build it. The forum is a plugin called Mingle.

I am posting this partially to show it off a bit, but also when I was looking for examples of wordpress guild websites, most of my results were from wow forum posts, so maybe this will help someone else. I'm also looking for suggestions and feedback.

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Looks good for your first try at wordpress. Careful to not cram it up with too much information. Sometimes its good going simple rather than over board. Overall id rate this a nice 8 :)

Im going to post mine and maybe you can get some ideas off mine.

Wordpress + Invision Power Board (IPB Is pretty pricy, Luckily I bought the board back in 2008 for my website business. Cost about 149 for the board itself.)

Right now I have DigitalPhenom working on a nice logo for the guild. You can check out his logos if you are looking for something custom made.
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I use wordpress extensively to create basic websites for non-profits, mostly because of its ease of us. Once I've set it up and put in the custom template, the non-profit staff can easily update or add widgets/etc without much, if any, coding. I maintain the sites. Wordpress has its quirks, but it's fairly stable and can be adapted to multiple uses with some creativity.

The site you created is very attractive and seems to be an excellent jumping off point.
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I have a graphic design background in my education, but very little css/html/php type stuff. I didn't put a whole lot of time into the header yet. I'll probably make it smaller and wider, since the visual hierarchy on the page is a little weird, which maybe lends to making it look busier. I'm not really happy with the widgets for progression and recruitment, but I'm under the impression that that wouldn't be overly difficult to tweak.

Thanks for the information and feedback. Skillvex, your site looks really great, thank you for sharing!
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Wordpress is an excellent choice for a guild website.

goodbye HTML.
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I use Wordpress for our guild's website as well, url is recently updated it as well with a new layout to match MoP :) I've used wordpress for years (I'm a graphic/web designer) and think it's a great tool to manage a guild website :D
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I just purchased Hosting/Domain through GoDaddy and will be installing WordPress tomorrow
once I have some more time to diddle daddle around with it.

*not to hijack your thread*

but maybe some of you could spare me some tips/links to good layouts I could use for my site.
I don't plan on doing a huge logo/header (like seen in OPs site) because frankly I don't have that
skill set, nor the wad of cash to pay for the use of someone elses skill set.

But I do really like the layout of OPs site and Skillvex's site.
Please let me know? :)

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See this, also has personal and guild widgets

but maybe some of you could spare me some tips/links to good layouts I could use for my site.I don't plan on doing a huge logo/header (like seen in OPs site) because frankly I don't have thatskill set, nor the wad of cash to pay for the use of someone elses skill set.
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Ya, I use WordPress for our guild website as well.

WP - Love it! We use phpBB on it's own subdomain for the forums, I'm not impressed with any of the forums plugins available for WP.

BTW @ the op, why do you use tumblr for the "blog"? Wouldn't it be better if the entire site was in WP? I think there's a plugin you can use to import your other blogs, anyway good job!
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Have had great success using word press.
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I'm actually thinking of using WP for the articles only but not linking it to my main database as it won't bridge well amongst other reasons. The forum we use is a vBulletin ( and we've got a Twitter going as well. I've worked on phpBB many years ago and it's a good forum but it is what you make of it; it requires some work to look good.

Drupal is another good platform I'd recommend that can be an alternative to WP. It has lots of extensions, forums, etc. Nowadays it's similar in complexity to install (as WP evolved greatly in complexity).

But remember that anything you install has to be updated or you risk a hacking as security fixes come out.

For you guys who need graphics you can always ask guildies to make some for the site or hold an in-game contest for it. Or use screenshots. You can use online programs for graphics editing if you don't have one installed as well. One such program is and seems pretty nifty to me.
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First off this was a necro from over a year ago. >.<

With that said I've been using Drupal for years for my guild websites. It works really well. Especially if yo use the wowguild package of modules that gives you pretty much everything you need. It uses blizzards API to pull information to the guild site.

Course these days I wonder if people even need half of the features on their guild websites.
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I need to find out how to make the "Apply Now" kind of page that has. At the moment my friend's forums is being spammed like crazy by bots. So they are wanting to close off the forums for members only and get that application like system, so it send the application direct to the application section of the forums etc.

I'm sure in time they will get it worked out, but any help would be grateful.
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To make an apply now page, just search for a "form" script but make sure it has a bot catcher built in, such as a few question/answer lines or a captcha. Try Googling "form script generator with captcha" and you'll see a few good links. It requires some coding knowledge but its nothing that anyone can't figure out.

For your forums, depending on the type of software, you can always partition it in sections so one part of the forums is free post, another is free post but with a skill testing bot catcher question, and another one requires member access. It depends on what is being used. If you let me know what setup you've got I can help you properly.

(This old thread just keeps on living it seems.)
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10/21/2013 10:18 AMPosted by Hespler
(This old thread just keeps on living it seems.)

Perhaps make it a sticky? There have to be enough people interested in going their own way with their guild site.

02/15/2013 06:19 PMPosted by Brokendream
Ya, I use WordPress for our guild website as well.

WP - Love it! We use phpBB on it's own subdomain for the forums, I'm not impressed with any of the forums plugins available for WP.

Love your site, Brokndream - that's exactly the sort of thing I want for our guild web site. Clean and streamlined, not poorly spaced tables full of so much crap that guildies can't even figure out how to navigate the site.

I see that you used the Pinboard theme as a base. Did you have to use a lot of custom CSS to get it laid out like you have it now?
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