Alliance pvp??

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Okay so im currently very bored with playing horde since my friend that made me transfer and faction change quit the game.. im planning on going back to alliance today but im just curious as to whether or not i should stay on ner'zhul or go to another realm...

1. How is pvp for us as alliance?
2. Are there a fair amount of people outside of SW to duel most of the time?
3. How often do you guys win an attacking TB and are there any good PVP guilds?

I know playing as horde i should know how TB is but honestly when i was asking in trade i heard from 1 person only and he said that horde controls Tb... everytime i join a TB were attacking lol so that statement can't be true...
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1. Horde outnumber Alliance on this realm though that may not matter with cross-realm zones
2. Probably. May depend what you consider a fair amount. I duel once every hundred years though so not an expert on this.
3. From what I see nowadays it seems that we always own TB, but I don't think MoP has any zone like TB and if it does it won't really matter because Alliance/Horde will likely trade wins. Not because they're trying to coordinate but because the team on offense generally has the advantage out of balance concerns and people fight harder when they want to take over a zone rather than maintain control.
4. There are no notable PVP guilds that I know of (no disrespect to any PVP guilds out there, just saying we don't have any Gladiator PVP guilds or anything really high up like that)
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I don't care if they are gladiator guilds or not but are there any pvp guilds at all? I would not mind helping a pvp guild build up it core if needed
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If you plan to build up a pvp guild let me know.
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09/18/2012 05:02 PMPosted by Turranmc
1. Horde outnumber Alliance on this realm

by like a .3% difference in numbers right now
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Which is the difference in about 450 level 90 players, which is a considerable difference when you see that horde tends to be more active in both PvP and PvE here, so it's still pretty relevant that horde have the edge.
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are you taking into account how many people here are bi-factional
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