Goooooood morning, Doomhammer!

Just wanted to say hi to my server, and start some server-wide conversation. Malice Aforethought got 8/8H last night, (Yeah, pretty badass 3 days before it means nothing, whatever) and I wanted to know where you all made it? I know Bloodsong and Animosity were done ages ago, but I'm curious where everyone else left off. Like DS? Hate it? Couldn't find a group? Talk to Az! :p
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Gratz on your Heroic Madness Kill, pretty good feeling after finally killing it right? I think Dragon Soul introduced some interesting boss mechanics that they never had before.

The "pick your poison" kind of thing with Yorsahj, the ball mechanic of Zon'ozz, fighting on the back of a giant !@# dragon. Pretty cool stuff from a design perspective.

However, the fact that the area, was entirely made up of places we had already been before left the feeling of "exploring" the raid dungeon to be left out cold. It was also a unappealing place, visually.

The only nice visual aspects, for the raid, were in the last 3 fights. And I only count Warmaster because the sky is so pretty. I suppose you could count Ultraxion too though, being in the shadow realm was kind of awesome.
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