New [A]lliance RP Guild

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why is this being bumped?
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As far as that earlier post about the Keepers of Stromgarde on The Venture Company Realm.....Yeah I was there at that time too running my rp guild called Riders of Kalimdor. There was always at least one member of that Stromgarde guild that was actually at Stromgarde at all times. Was cool because anytime you wanted some world pvp with your guild would just go there.

But I love the idea of guild chat being in character only, 100% of the time no excuses and no using ((...)) in it either. I don't even like to have the ooc channel activated. I try to rp all the time in dungeons, battlegrounds, everywhere. It just makes the game more fun for me. I don't really ever find guilds like that these days so I just go solo.
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Thank you Glexelia! I have been hoping/wishing for a "Hardcore" RP guild to form on Ravenholdt for many years. I will be looking for you. I just need to go pick one of my critters to xfer over here.
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11/13/2012 10:01 AMPosted by Mazzle
why is this being bumped?
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11/13/2012 10:01 AMPosted by Mazzle
why is this being bumped?

To piss you off?
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I am glad you are making this effort, Glexelia, and wish you all the best. Aerana gave you some helpful background, I think, and she can be a powerful ally in the nitty gritty of getting a roleplay guild up off the ground and starting some events that can draw and keep attention. As she said, we have several guilds with great roleplay stories and talented roleplayers... but you have a legitimate point as well about the energy level of roleplay. I strongly encourage you to reach out to the leaders of the other roleplay guilds as well, perhaps through the Roleplayer's Sanctum.

I would hope everyone would keep this recruitment thread civil. I believe the addition of a truly hard-core roleplay guild Alliance side would be a boon to us all, whether confirmed or casual roleplayers, because it will increase the ambiance of our server and help infuse energy in the roleplay community.

I like you. You do what you like!
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Ever any luck with that guild being formed or finding a Heavy RP guild?
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