I'm an experienced WoW player, who's been playing since original release. I'm looking to get back into raiding again with MoP, but due to my inconsistent work schedule I need a guild that starts raids at 9pm pst time, I realize that there are not too many guilds on there like that. But it's what I need. I'm a very laid back, easy going guy. Always there to help or answer questions when I can. Very experienced with the Fury warrior, it is THE class for me, I know it inside and out, it's what i'm good at.

All in all, I'm looking for a laid back group of awesome, skilled players who know how to play there class and get the job done and be serious about the raid, but still have a sense of humor and super laid back and outgoing, i've been in super hardcore raiding guilds and i cannot stand all the yelling on vent, doesn't sit with me well. Here is the link to my profile! Looking forward to talking with people!