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So who are the Orchid Dragon? The Orchid Dragon are a clan of Pandaren peace keepers who strongly believe in the preservation of nature and the celebration of life from day to day. Very keen to their surroundings - these Pandaren take in the cool breeze, appreciate the lush green land, bask in the sun, and never take for granted the water flowing between their feet. As advocates of celebration, they are probably the most relaxed. However, their laid-back nature is not to be taken lightly. These Pandaren are known for going from cool to deadly in the flick of a minute should they discover a disruptor of nature or of the peace.

The Orchid Dragon are a clan long-respected by the denizens of Pandaria especially during the Pandaren Empire. However, the clan's pride broke when the Mogu took over causing them to be victims of slavery. After the victorious rebellion against the Mogu, the clan dispersed - some remaining on Pandaria while others took to the sea aback the giant turtle and aided in the creation of what is now known as the Wandering Isle.

This new chapter begins as the elder sage and latest leader to the clan, Kheng-Lao, receives a nightmare/vision of the Sha, Pandaria's worst menace, bringing about a swarm which would cause his homeworld to be forever dissolved and un-inhabitable. He must return to Pandaria and aid the battle against the Sha. His first step towards this goal? To re-unite the clan.

........And here's where you come in.....

The Orchid Dragon Clan is comprised of four houses each having their own divisions to fit your special gaming wants/needs. These house's names were taken from the first four sages who aided in founding the clan long ago. Here is a short summary of the houses.

Ahlam Heatspring - The Sage of faithfulness and aspect of healing. Naturally this would be our RP-Healer house. Whether you're healing for PvP,PvE, or pure RP this is the house for you. This includes care-taking for humanoids and animals alike.

Qui-jin Firebrew - The Sage of justice and aspect of war. This would be our RP-PvP house. Whether you're into world pvp, guard-pvp, or battlegrounds, this is your house.

Ji-Tsun Steambarrow - The Sage of wealth and aspect of creation. This is our RP-Merchant house. If you plan to concentrate on crafting and profits among all other gameplay this is your house - it involves travel merchants and market merchants. They are also the main go-to house for those who need crafted items.

Shu-long Sunwaker - Sage of Wisdom and aspect of lore. This is our RP-PvE house. Shu-long believed history was always to be studied, to be appreciated, and never to be abused. He protects all evidence of his kin's past and the historical facts of the world and will defend it with a vengeance. This is why this house naturally gives way for raiders, lore-masters, and dungeon explorers.
In joining your character may already be with Khen-Loa, found by him or his followers, or someone who simply seeks to join the clan.

There's so much to this guild that I plan to implement, and all I need is you. If you are planning to play a Pandaren, and wish to join an all Pandaren RP guild with a concept, a structure, and some major fun events, then please copy/paste the site address at the bottom and apply. It's not a long process I promise. Just want to make sure I'm getting the right kind of people to join this humble yet spectacular idea. :)

Any questions you might have, you can ask them here, contact me in-game (it's faster), or email me on the website. I'm more than happy to answer. Definitely looking for role players who have fun role playing and like to roam the world in character. I'd say the guild's definitely on the medium to heavy RP side, so anyone entering would need to respect that and follow the policy as such. Let's start Mists of Pandaria off with a bang! Thanks for reading!

Please copy this link to the website.
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Yay! This sounds like a great idea! If I join the Steambarrow House can I be a Pet Merchant? Oh! Or maybe I'll open my own tavern and sell brews!
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Well, yes, that's a great idea. :) the idea is to build a Pandaren Clan that can do what we want long as we RP along the way. - I just always like some structure and organization. Helps thing flow faster. Hehe
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