Getting, every 5 minutes.


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Thought I'd try for the 3rd time to ask this, as my other posts have gone unanswered.

Ever since 5.0 hit, I've been getting after another after another. Occasionally I'll be able to play for a good while, but often, as is happening right now, I can only be logged in for 30 seconds up to a few minutes before I get DC'd. Over and over again.

I'm always able to log back in immediately, and it's not my internet connection... At all. The disconnects are with WoW & only WoW. I've been getting screen "jumpiness" as well, but I can sometimes fix that by changing, and then reverting my resolution setting. I'm just concerned with the disconnects every minute or so.

I've only had these issues since the patch, as the game has always ran silky smooth before this.

It would be nice to get at least a suggestion other than "update your drivers", "check your internet connection", "delete your xxx folders", "disable your addons", etc. It's all been done, and I'd be more than happy to provide any diagnostic reports from my end.
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I'm having the same problem as Whataboutbob. And it has been happening for a couple of weeks now. Since the 5.0 update came out. I tried the same things as him without any success.
Same problem here. At first I thought it was an issue with my PC, but it does it on both computers so now I'm certain something else is wrong. It's not my internet connection either, as I can play all my other games without any trouble. Neither have my addons changed at all. Everything worked fine up until patch 5.05.

Edit... deleting the WTF, cache, and interface folders seems to have solved the problem on one computer. More testing tonight to confirm this. Haven't tried on the other one yet.
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I am having the same issue. It took around 2 hours before i received my first disconnect. And after that it was about every 15 minutes. I had 5 disconnects when i finally gave up. 2 of them were total crash's where i had to reboot my pc.
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i just cant finish the loading screen when i try to log onto my warrior on rexxar server, and now it happens to be on all my char, anyone know what i could do. It disconnect me without letting me finish the loading screen. Thing is for my horde char i can log in and play them without a DC.... i need help
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well i just tried doing arathi basin. I was good for about 15 minutes then i was fighting a mage and boom disconnect. I log back in and soon as the mage hits me again i disconnect. I logged in for a 3rd time and the mage was gone and i was fine. :)
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Is wow now 64 bit. I wonder if that is the issue. I thought i switched mine to 32 bit, but its running 64.
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09/23/2012 06:28 PMPosted by Specialneeds
Is wow now 64 bit. I wonder if that is the issue. I thought i switched mine to 32 bit, but its running 64.

If you have 64bit windows the 64bit version of wow is now the default for everyone with 64bit windows
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I am having the same issue, I have done all of the other things as suggested in these forums to no avail. I will make a change and play fine for several hours and then it will back. I have suffered as many as 20 disconnects in under 5 minuets. seems to be happening at peek times around noonish and at around 6ish realm time. I can see the overloads at my hops but I am not 100% that I am running the right trace even with netstat I do not see any connections with the correct ports attached to them. If someone here knows the correct IP for Ysera I could run a proper trace and get the correct info. One other thing I have noticed is that I had the mobile armory on my phone and even though I was not logged in on it I was being showed as logged in even after I deleted the app not sure if this has anything to do with it but just an observation.
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Exactly the same issue with me. Eventual DC and then dc's over and over again. Restarting the client helps resets it, but if you're unlucky it can dc you sooner rather than later. Seems to happen more on my DK (Main Char) but it definately does happen on others.
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This is getting ridiculous...Blizzard... have you changed something regarding the network connection that would cause all theses dc's...
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Same thing here, so many random disconnects that the game is unplayable. So, I will not play anymore. My subscription will expire in 5 days, and I haven't bought MoP. One of the other games will be getting my monthly $15.
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Same here now. Never had a single problem with the game ... and played for a few hours earlier this afternoon. Suddenly, I'm disconnecting every few minutes -- with no problem logging back in and no interruption in internet service. Nothing else has changed. Would love to hear a fix.
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09/24/2012 07:23 PMPosted by Grymfang
Same here now. Never had a single problem with the game ... and played for a few hours earlier this afternoon. Suddenly, I'm disconnecting every few minutes -- with no problem logging back in and no interruption in internet service. Nothing else has changed. Would love to hear a fix.

Glad to see I'm not the only one with the constant DC's.

This has only been a problem since 5.0. It "seems" to happen on some toons more than others, but who knows if that has anything to do with it. It definitely happens on all toons though.

And just like you, there's absolutely no interruption with my internet connection at all. Hard to convince someone that everything's fine on my end, but well...everything's fine on my end.

Occasionally I'll get an hour or so of constant play, but when the DC's begin, it's every couple of minutes. And the sucky part is that I'm always able to log back in right away each and every time. No "Can not connect" messages or anything at all. I instantly log back in & everything is ok again...for about a minute or two....then DC. Latency is fine. Framerate is fine. The little green connection icon is just Always.

I've stated it before, but this happens with WoW only. ONLY WoW. And this issue has been ONLY since 5.0. Before the patch, everything was just fine.
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Same deal on this toon. Play for a little while, everything seems fine...then BAM! Disconnect. Log back in right away, play a few more minutes, then BAM! Disconnect. Solid, constant internet connection, and little green icon thingy is always green.

Can't play like this :(
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i havent been able to play at all since the patch hit i dc like every 5min and have done everything they told me to do to try and fix it. Im getting really tired of waiting to see if they fix it and just might quit instead of dealing with this on going issue
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Having the same issues ... completely random disconnects. Blizz please help
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Ok... this is happening to me as well, since go live with MOP and it is very frustrating... I can play for 1-2 hours and then I DC, login be fine for 5-10 mins and DC again... During this entire time I still have my regular internet connection.... This is furstrating to say the least, I am using hard earned vaction to play a product that keeps DCing....

It happens anywhere in the Jade Forest and the instances as well and only started happing right after the official release. Though if I play lower level alts in old content, it does not occur.

I should also state that I'm running Windows 7 64 bit version.
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Im having the same issue whats going on? here is my trace route.

Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 8 ms 7 ms 7 ms
3 7 ms 7 ms 8 ms []
4 13 ms 15 ms 15 ms []
5 46 ms 47 ms 47 ms []
6 38 ms 40 ms 39 ms []
7 38 ms 39 ms 39 ms
8 * 42 ms 40 ms []
9 38 ms 39 ms 39 ms []
10 38 ms 85 ms 39 ms
rest are time outs

realm Haomarush
Assonett, MA, USA

iv reset everything. emptied WTF unplugged, reset. you name it iv done it
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