Realm First Achievements MoP

90 Pandaren Priest
ron log out so your armory updates, god.

Brona got realm first tailor btw.
Edited by Aileana on 9/25/2012 4:22 PM PDT
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90 Pandaren Priest
Congrats to all realm first folks. :)
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85 Night Elf Hunter
Nemphis got Alchemy
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90 Night Elf Priest
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90 Tauren Paladin
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Disciples of Gabriel's Realm 1st's
Tamz - Realm 1st lvl 90 Mage
Hakeem - Realm 1st lvl 90 Shaman
Foojyn - Realm 1st lvl 90 Rogue
Phrôpecy - Realm 1st with a 496 helm :)
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90 Orc Death Knight
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90 Human Priest
Gimehli first lvl 90 Hunter.
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90 Troll Priest
09/24/2012 02:18 PMPosted by Pizz
Tyrone server first 90, came back to stalk Ash.

How did I miss this fun thread!

Btw, grats Paul on realm 1st 90.

My new main, Nascha= realm LAST lvl 90 non alt shaman because I suddenly seem to have the attention span of a toddler with adhd when it comes to leveling her.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Mystogan got Realm First! Level 90 Druid.
Archon got Realm First! Working as a Better Team.

Congratz to all the Realm Firsts!!!!
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90 Orc Warrior
Hey. Tube. I think you should update the thread. Just saying.
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90 Orc Warrior
Also, for any of you Strength DPSers who want a bit of a slight advantage as soon as you hit level 90, Scary (Legit) can make the full Contender's Revenant set (450 Plate DPS PvP gear, but has equal primary and secondary stats ON TOP of PvP stats to 450 PvP blues, so you won't be gimping yourself), and Pyrieniese (someone correct my spelling if I messed that up)(Also from Legit) can craft both the Widow Chain and Lord's Signet (450 PvE Strength DPS Neck and Ring). The Rings are NOT unique-equip, so you can equip two of them, but the strength ones require 2 Primordial Rubies each. The neck is cheap as hell, though.
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85 Tauren Paladin
tube is dead!
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