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Hey guys, I'll make it quick.

I was wondering what system you RP guilds are using to determine when to promote someone?

I was thinking of using a merit or "point" system, but I wanted to see what other options I had.
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Totally depends on the guild's theme and how often RP happens.

I've seen a lot of different methods for doling out promotions.

Just keep in mind that promoting to officer based on IC actions rather than OOC player usually ends incredibly poorly.
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The guild I'm in used to do only IC ranks/promotions and expect those players to also be OOC officers. We're a military-style guild, and the primary focus is RP, so rank had IC and OOC benefits and responsibilities. As noted above, this ended awkwardly at best.

For one thing, a character may be great officer material--the player is not. Or, vice versa; the player is perfect guild officer material, but you have to stretch and twist characters and stories to make them even halfway decent IC officers. Assuming those players want to be both IC and OOC officers--I've seen some promoted where one or both was never considered. They were simply expected to take on responsibilities.

I've moved us to an OOC guild rank structure, though rank names are still RPish, and there is RP consideration, mechanically it's more OOC.

For OOC promotions, it comes down to trusting the player, how active they are, both IC and OOC, how much effort and help they give to other people. What roles need filled; mediator for drama, banker, recruiter, event planner (both instances/raids and RP)? Is the guild of sufficient size and complexity, or timing issues for other officers, to warrant a promotion?

IC promotions are based on the pseudo-military structure of our merc company, and if a position is available, or ranks need juggling around. We use roster tags to denote IC ranks.

My guild also has a few minor (and for most players, fun) RP hoops for recruitment and initial promotion in the form of an IC app, and IC interviews both when they join and when going from recruit to regular member (usually after a month-ish of activity; can be more or less depending on afks or how often they play on other alts). This not only gets us RPing together, it also lets us gauge a newer player's RP experience and style; depending on RP concept, not everyone "fits" and that's not a bad thing. We usually point them to other guilds, suggest tweaks for their concept, or give them a chance anyway. This also keeps us pretty small, but we raid with a partner guild and no one seems to mind the tiny guild number (except me, to an extent, as we're still leveling and trying to work on achievements!).

People who have alts just get slotted into the alt rank. Friends who just want a RP home but not be part of the main guild RP have a shorter, less structured interview and go to the alt rank. Veterans are former officers, upcoming officers, and generally players who've been in the guild a long period of time (no less than half a year), are helpful, and are trusted. Some of them have interest in helping out when/where able, and so have some minor privileges, like recruiting and being able to give interviews if really necessary.

We do have a rule about long, unnotified afks. We don't all like it, but for such a small guild, having an excess number of characters afk for months or longer isn't good for morale or recruitment (not to mention the bank in the case of hackings). To run an active storyline, you need active characters. We have an afk thread on the forum, if it's possible people post to it. If not, and the player's idle for a few months, they go to probation rank. After a few more months there, booted. It can take up to a half a year or more, honestly. All it takes is poking an officer when the player returns, and they get invited back, and should have their guild rep and benefits intact (unless they joined another guild). If we have a warning about why the player's gone, we don't think about booting them until it's been well over a year since they've played, if then. And same thing applies; really, unless they caused drama on the way out, it's easy to get back in.
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Thank you both for the responses!

Another one of my concerns is actually finding the officers. As it stands, my guild has been together for about a week or two (I think). I made a recruitment macro in-game and also a forum post on the server forums... but have yet to find any officers at all. So as it stands, it's just me! It's got me a tad worried.

If you'd like to see my guild site to suggest/criticize, here it is. It also has a link to my server forum recruitment thread.

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