roughly 13hrs until MoP release, wanting to wish goodluck to the player community that will always hold a special place in my heart.

kinda like a new year resolution, if you had to take 1 aspect of your wow career and fix / enhance it what would it be? (fully understand this will get trolled but im all up for it)

personally for myself, knowing that having to maintain an irl job and juggle wow this time around, and not being able to enjoy the life of unemployment this time around. im hoping for a stronger will of dedication / perserverance and ability to commit towards a group or goal.

side note working on the known ego/dramaqueen title, which i view in a totally different aspect but understand the generalization of the title. /slices some humble pie.

wish ya'll gluck into mist and hope each player can find 1 aspect in themselves whether its gameplay or personality that they will try to enhance and make the players around them better also.