Is this a good server ?

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I know CRZ pretty much screwed up everything and such, so is this still a good server despite that ?

How is the economy, horde - Alliance ratio, is it flooded with bots and griefers, is the community good, etc ?

I'm looking to move my DKs to a PvE server.

Thank you for your time.
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Alliance economy is pretty good, horde one leaves a lot to be desired. It's good around xpac time, but drops pretty quick. Ratio is about 2.5:1 A:H. There are some bots, not really many, if any, griefers.

Community is okay inside guilds, some okay guild-guild relationships, but some bad ones as well. Pretty average on community I'd say.
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
OK, thank you for your reply. It sounds somewhat like my current server, pre-CRZ.

Bonechewer used to be such a good server, in that the win ratios for WG and TB were fairly equal as was the faction balances. Now, I see nothing but Alliance and it pisses me off, esp when they grief and camp quest givers.

I just want a change of pace.. I love meeting people, just not the jerks that enjoy griefing. I multibox yet I rarely mess with others, unless they come at me first.

I'll make a team so I can investigate your server, along with a few others. I have a full two weeks before I can actually move off Bonechewer.

Thanks again for your fast reply. :)
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