Sunday, September 23, 2012

100 Night Elf Druid
I almost maybe thought about logging in yesterday, but couldn't think of anything to do in-game.
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100 Human Warrior
09/23/2012 07:44 AMPosted by Silversol
I almost maybe thought about logging in yesterday, but couldn't think of anything to do in-game.

I did log in yesterday to farm for the staff outta the Theremore event. now that I have it, not much left till MoP
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100 Gnome Warrior
I woke up this morning ready to tear open the threads of the universe and peer inside to see what really makes things tick. I would know the creator of physics and would be able to prove intractable theorems. Instead, I laid my head back upon my pillow and slept for another 2 hours.

I stand by my choice.
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86 Undead Priest
So here I am... (This is Dantiné, yes posting on Darkorb because I can! That and I was checking out the AH online for her)... Tired. Weak.. Depressed after a long weekend at work. I haven't been on much except for the AH yesterday. All I know is tomorrow I'm gonna be at Walmart earlier than I want to because of a cashier meeting (about stuff I already know, so I might fall asleep during it, hopefully not!). I'll also be back at Walmart at 10 pm-ish to get in line with Daros to get his copy of MoP.

I'm gonna hope I don't fall asleep till Wednesday, buy a case of Monster for Daros and I so we can get to 90 quickly and get into heroics before I have to be back at work for the weekend. Anyone who has me on Battletag/Real ID are more than welcome to join Daros and I in dungeons and stuff. Just give me a whisper. If you don't have me on either... LadyVerric#1647 is my battletag. I can only add so many people right now since I'm almost capped on friends... again...
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