So I recently went from my holy paladin to this resto druids.. just to give it a try.. and I have to say I'm a little disappointed with them for PvP. Now.. I admit I'm new to resto healing so it could just be I'm bad.. but it seems to me druids are really good at sustaining a team.. but not so good at trying to keep up a single person (like a flag carrier or w/e). I'm really interested primarily in RBGs and premades (more so then arenas).. along with raiding.. do you think I'll be happier with a druid in the long run? or should I stick with my holy pally..

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90 Night Elf Druid
Druids really bring alot of utility to the table for PvP in general... CC is huge, as is mobility. Druids can be difficult to catch and harder to hold onto. We do now have a few QoL improvements over Cata, but in the long run we still have some shortcomings. Primarily we lack the single target healing capability that you are used to on your Pally.

As to what you'll enjoy, it really come down to if you want to add to the CC to your team or if you are looking to have more of a straight up healing experience.

For me, I enjoy the ability I have to take another player out of the game and the ability to get out of trouble (when I remember my CD's... lol) but I really am coming to love my Pally too, Beacon is my favorite spell inthe game right now... lol

Hope this is helpful.


Edit: With all of our Int being converted to Agi when in Kitty, we now also bring a resonable source of additional DPS if needed if you can take the time to learn to kitty.
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74 Blood Elf Death Knight
Warning, book incoming. They're super different, it's okay. Paladins are reactive and strong, druids are more preemptive and strong through passive healing with weaker burst and super high crowd control. If you really like your paladin better, stick with your paladin, but you have to learn how to appreciate what druids exclusively have to offer.

Druids are really strong because HoTs are a different kind of damage mitigation; in addition to having Ironbark as a CD, your HoTs make your healing target seem a lot tankier, so your slightly weaker burst healing is enough to get the job done. Paladins also have no short-CD instant-cast move like NS, which is really powerful when you need an emergency heal or an instant cc like entangling roots or hibernate or cyclone. Tree Form is also arguably the best healing CD there is, since you literally do not have to cast a single thing that you'd be using in PvP except for Cyclone. Then being able to stack all of your HoTs on every target will give you insane numbers of Clearcasting procs for regrowths without using mana, reduce so much incoming damage, and also give you a crap-ton of physical armor. Rejuvenation on multiple targets will also help negate a lot of incoming damage, and druid multi-target-healing capability makes dangerous situations with many damaged players much more manageable. That's when Rdruids shine.

Paladins are melee-friendly with HoF and caster-friendly to a degree with HoP, but druids are super caster-friendly with Entangling Roots and Cyclone, and druid control is also just generally very much better. Cyclone is incredibly powerful as it can negate pet-based cooldowns like Warlock shields, stop basically anyone from doing anything including receiving heals (right before a druid's lifebloom is about to expire), and it's on-demand. And your ability to tie up other healers is incredible between using Typhoon as an interrupt, Bash, Cyclone, and Entangling Roots/bearform charge to immobilize them when they're out of range of their healing targets. You can really help shape the fight, and not even need to heal as much. It's not nearly as reactive as with a paladin, where you're sort of just letting stuff happen and then responding.
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Thanks for both your replies.

Ergoth, based on what you said about druids being better able to control the place of a fight.. do you feel they are the stronger healer in PvP?

Thanks :)
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90 Tauren Druid
For RBGs and pre-mades, I would say so. In addition to the abilities and utility already mentioned, Prowl, Track Humanoids (for calling out incomings), Disentanglement (read the tooltip, it is awesome), Stampeding Roar, travel form, and eventually Symbiosis will make druids very strong in BG teams. Mobility is critical in many of those, and that is where druids really shine.
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74 Blood Elf Death Knight
Something I posted on another thread about druids and their tools:

10 man:
Huge spread healing, amazing throughput

See above, also:
- Amazing kiting
- Cyclone
- Entangling Roots
- Stampeding Roar
- Dash
- Stealth
- Typhoon
- Bash
- Nature's grasp
- Much improved healing compared to Cata
- Tree of Life is still positively incredible

See above. Also:
- Faerie Fire
- Nature's Swiftness cyclones/HTs/other cc
- Mana efficient
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85 Tauren Paladin
I've just gone from being a Druid healer to a Paladin healer.

(And honestly, by paladin healer, I mean I've been healing one day, as I levelled the entire way as Prot, and have zero ret/holy experience).

Druid healing was some of the best fun I've had on Wow, and now as Holy pally, I'm just bewildered. I don't even know where to start, I feel a bit helpless. lol.

HoTs were what I loved most about druid healing, and honestly I came onto the Healing forums to see if I could find out if pally healers were any good (whatever that means?).
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Haha guess we're just used to very different playstyles, eh Elukai? I really like that unless lots of people coordinate to kill you in a BG.. as a paladin healer.. you can pretty much survive until help arrives. I play a lot of random BGs (solo queue) so I don't get a lot in the way of peels.. and I feel like as a druid.. sometimes you REALLY need those peels. Other than that.. you practice a lot more triage as a paladin, I think. You have to decide who is dying the fastest and work on them first, then the next, etc, etc. Whereas, with a druid, you're kind of just throwing stuff on everyone. At least.. that's what I've found so far..

p.s. This is Kyruu :P
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74 Blood Elf Death Knight
I'm assuming everyone is talking about PvP, so to Elukai (Kyruu, next comment):

Paladin healers are very strong, yes. You have lots of oh-!@#$ buttons you should already be familiar with having played prot (Hand of Protection on casters, Hand of Sacrifice, Guardian of Ancient Kings which you'd use in Holy spec when multiple people are low on health), in addition to Divine Favor and Avenging Wrath. You can be very aggressive as well if you give Hand of Freedoms to melee classes who would be able to put out much more pressure if they could not be stopped for 6 seconds. All of your healing is burst healing, and it's very strong burst healing, I'll try to give you a really quick rundown of what I do playing Holy Paladin.

- Holy Shock as often as you can for Holy Power, Infusion of Light procs (lots of your healing), and because it's a strong, cheap heal.
- It's a judgement call, using cast-times and instants in PvP, but you want to stick to instant casts as much as possible. Try to keep Beacon on the target getting focused for Holy Power generation, and if your target will be safe if you wait to use an instant-cast on them, wait. If you know they're going to be taking lots of damage, try to juke an interrupt early so you can cast when you actually need to without worrying about being interrupted. If you don't have time to juke, use Devotion Aura immediately and spam Flash of Light.
- Try to limit WoG usage to 3 HP. Sometimes you will be using two, but that's going to also be a judgement call I don't quite yet understand myself.
- Use bubble to escape CC if a teammate is going to die without healing, or if you are going to die yourself and you need to stop the damage. Try to have Devotion Aura on CD if it's you who's going down - Bubble is to be used when you neeeeeeeeeeed it to survive, there are often other ways to survive than bubbling.
- You can use Beacon of Light in different ways, to either get more healing on a single target by quickly generating HP for WoGs, or if multiple people are taking slowish damage, you can use it to spread around your healing with Holy Shock and quick-cast Holy Lights (which transfer all of their healing)

It's fairly easy to learn, once you get a hold of the basics you will be having a very good time, I promise.
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74 Blood Elf Death Knight

Peels help anyone, lol. Paladins have a lot of leeway when under pressure because of how powerful/plentiful their instant-casts are, and Divine Protection is amazing when fighting a Mage or Lock when you know CC is incoming alongside heavy burst (chaos bolts/Frost Bomb).

Druid is more reliant on cooldowns; they're definitely stronger against melee than they are against casters because of Nature's Grasp, Typhoon and Entangling Roots and their ability to Kite. But when they're under pressure they do have to cast. When you're taking a lot of damage, try to have Barkskin active (and glyph it, 25% less chance to be crit is almost crit immunity against some classes/builds). You'll have to get good at juking especially on a druid, I recommend you get the addon InterruptBar if you don't have it. If you're taking a lot of pressure, do NOT hesitate to pop Incarnation and go into ToL. It is on the GCD so if you know heavy burst is incoming that you won't be able to stop with CC (cyclone/roots), get into treeform immediately. Your healing will be pretty much undefeatable.

When you're coming out of a lot of damage after a stun or other CC, if you're near or below half health, Nature's Swiftness Healing Touch. If you're closer to 66-75%, use Swiftmend and load yourself with HoTs if you're not. If you've been stunlocked by a rogue and you're silenced after the stun, use Might of Ursok to heal yourself for a big heal during the silence and to mitigate a little bit of the damage, but the moment the silence wears off be casting heals on yourself. If you're under heavy pressure, NS Healing Touch and pop into Tree Form immediately.

After your cooldowns are up, yeah, you need peels. But when your cooldowns are running and you're keeping yourself alive, make sure to be looking for ways to escape, like Instant-rooting the melee chasing you (it's instant in ToL), cycloning the caster if you have time to juke at all, and using Stampeding Roar to make an escape. If you're stuck in a bad spot and damage is incoming, set down a mushroom and Wild Charge to it. If there's an enemy in the distance, go into Bearform with all your heals active and Wild Charge him. Typhoon people who are on you, put Nature's Grasp on yourself, and sprint away. When it comes down to you being locked down, there are no oh-!@#$ escape buttons. It's all much more preemptive than paladin, and if you get caught without escape options and you don't have cooldowns ready, you will need peels, yes.
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74 Blood Elf Death Knight
As for tossing HoTs on multiple people, yeah. Druids are really good at healing loads of damage across the team, and even single targets. You're still always going to be focusing on keeping 1-2 people alive with Regrowth and Swiftmend alongside your HoTs, but definitely be generous with Rejuvenation. Always use Tranquility when you think, "oh, lots of damage." There are not a lot of times when you need it, so when multiple people are taking damage or all of your targets are LoSed but still in range, always use Tranquility. If you have a Paladin friend, have him pop Devotion Aura when you use it. Don't use Tranquility when people are at low health, use it when they're taking the damage. The HoT it stacks is very strong. Always try to find a spot where no ranged interrupts will hit you, i.e. behind a rock, a corner, a wall, etc.

Any time you feel your regular healing might not be enough, or if interrupts are off-CD and you're under pressure and people are starting to get low, go into Tree Form. Use it liberally. It's more powerful than Tranquility, with being able to stack Lifeblooms on everyone and Regrowth being instant-cast.

Use Nature's Grasp almost on CD when there are melee who switch to you. Use Barkskin when you're taking noticeable damage or when you have no HoTs. Find enemy healers and use your Cyclone, Typhoon, and Bash to stop their healing. Entangle enemy melee.
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90 Tauren Druid
Don't forget Ironbark. It is a new tool, so it is easy to overlook in your spellbook. Get that bound and cast it on someone who is being focused, and you can cast it on yourself for an additional mitigation tool. Unlike Barkskin, it cannot be cast while stunned.
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36 Tauren Priest
Pop Barkskin before you use tranq it prevents you from being interrupted! Possibly even make a macro for pvp that links to two spells together; so you don't forget.
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