Revive an old tv show

90 Undead Death Knight
the twilight zone
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85 Human Paladin
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90 Tauren Druid
Ren & Stimpy

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44 Tauren Druid
Every Stargate
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90 Draenei Paladin
Bring it back, give it more seasons, etc. No cancellation date.


Star Gate Atlantis or SG1. I loved them both and re-watch them every summer.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
10/04/2012 05:16 PMPosted by Padgagers

There are so many movies I would love to see get a once over by the MST3K crew.

Sadly the licensing rights to movies are what finally killed the show. It is why while I am sure we would love to see all the Star Wars, Star Trek, Matrix and LOTR films raked over the MST3K coals it would never have happened.

There is something called Riff Trax which is the MST3K crew I think.

Personally if I where a hollywood director I would hire them to come in and run a secondary audio track for my movies. Mainly because I think their ribbing is funny and really MST3K is kind of like Weird Al, Directors should feel honored to have their stuff shredded on that show just as most music legends feel honored to have their songs ripped apart by Weird Al.
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Spider-Man: TAS (1994).

Loved that show, but CLIFFHANGER ENDING.
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90 Night Elf Rogue
Sliders (with the ORIGINAL cast; Wade, Quinn, Arthuro(?) and Remy...)
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Sliders (definitely the original cast)
Golden Girls
Night Court
High Incident
Corner Gas
Night Heat
Dead Like Me
The Tomorrow People (original 1970s series from the UK)
Neon Rider
The Beachcombers (original series)
North of 60
Water Rats
The Equalizer
War of the Worlds
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90 Gnome Priest
Hey Arnold. I'm surprised no one's mentioned this so far. A great TV show from the old Nickelodion many of us know and love minus the younger generation.
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90 Tauren Priest
10/08/2012 04:39 AMPosted by Keltastic
Hey Arnold. I'm surprised no one's mentioned this so far. A great TV show from the old Nickelodion many of us know and love minus the younger generation.

His grandparents were hilarious! Love that show!
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90 Tauren Shaman
Cheers or Married with Children
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Firefly (with the killed-off characters back somehow)


Police Squad (Too funny!)

Invasion & Threshold

Hope AMC does another short-series like The Killing again, that was cool.

Host of many others! Like: Seven Days; 4400; Tru Calling; The Unit; Jake 2.0
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85 Blood Elf Mage
09/30/2012 06:41 PMPosted by Specticle
Johnny Bravo

asdfghjkl yes. And Dexter's Lab.

But of course Firefly would be number one.
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
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90 Night Elf Druid
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100 Orc Shaman
Johnny Carson when he did the Tea Time movies and Karnac the Magnificent skits. :)

Karnac - May your stretchmarks be declared a highway!
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