Our motto from day one: If it'd get ya slapped, stabbed or fired, we prolly talk about it on a daily basis.

Infinite Asylum is a lvl 25 Alliance guild, over 4 years old, and is once again becoming quite active in the MoP xpac. As such, we are reopening recruitment to all. We do have some specifications that you will want to consider before applying(which can also be done on our website), and those can be found on our website :


Find us on facebook by searching for: Infinite Asylum

We are a non-raiding, social guild. That doesn't mean raiding isn't allowed, that simply means IA will not be hosting any progression raids as a guild. Not that we haven't done it, we did it for years. We just prefer not to anymore. We are completely uncensored and GLBT friendly. We are mature rated and 18yo+. If you wish to join, you must be active, and at least level 20 (if not an alt of a member already). We are not aiming to grow large...we prefer a small to medium player base to keep things tight knit. You will never be 'just a number' in IA. That is definitely one of my pet peeves, always has been. We treat our guild mates like RL friends and family, albeit really creepy, perverted family! If you'd like to become part of the insanity, take a look at our website to learn more, and feel free to contact me in game or any officer in game for more information as well.

Still unsure? Find some IA members and ask them about their experience in the guild.

Server and Faction transfers are always welcome, as are disabled players and international players. Casual? No problem. You're only required to stay active in the guild, you're not required to live in the game! The more you help the guild and its members, the more you will receive.

Ranks and benefits are earned through effort, not time logged, so even a level 20 can be promoted along, if they're helping out. We don't check your item lvl before you join. Hop over to our website. Take a browse. It's been cleaned up and revamped for MoP, so get your application posted today!

Sideways Balls,
Pestle Widget, GM of Infinite Asylum
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