Looking for Raiding/PvE guild

85 Blood Elf Paladin
WoW adventures:
Came into WoW during the last few months of vanilla and just enjoyed running around being a total noob.

During BC I ran most of the raids switching between holy and shadow priest. Guild fell apart before I got to do sunwell and black temple.

WoTLK; I raided naxx, part of ulduar, and trial, as a frost DK until guild fell apart. Ran guildless for a while with random groups as a shadow priest and a kitty druid through naxx. Decided to turn kitty into resto and eventually found my last guild that I was in and raided OS, RS, EoE, and ICC. I got quite a few dungeon/raid achievements and some hard modes done with them. Did ICC 10 & 25m reg, 10m heroic, and some 25m heroic.

Cata; issues ensued with guild when I rathered stab myself with a spork than continue as a resto druid (more to this but not going into it). Left guild and then WoW off and on for months at a time. Downfall... I have not raided at all during Cata besides LFR, which does not count to me. I miss having a set group of crazy people to get stuff done with.

SO! I am looking for a PvE/Raiding guild to hopefully get back into raiding with. I am flexible on times. And since I don't really have a main to speak of anymore, and I happen to be an alt addict, I'm flexible on class/spec as well, as long as I actually get to be included in runs (no point in changing otherwise). I do also plan to level a mistweaver just so I can have one of every healing class. I am over 18 and my time is EST. I do not PvP and I refuse to use teamspeak o.0. I don't want to transfer or change to alliance at this time.

My 85s on skullcrusher:

386 Fire Mage OS Arcane
385 Holy Pally OS Ret
387 Holy Priest OS Shadow
382 Feral Druid
381 Frost DK

I did not bother gearing offspecs. Going to be playing the gearing game again shortly anyways.

If you want more info or to chat message here or in world, battletag: xSahx#1229
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90 Tauren Druid
Not trying to be a #**@#@#* but it sounds like every guild you were in fell apart... Coincidence possibly.
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90 Human Rogue
Hi I'm Nessper and I come to this thread with the aspirations of making new friends.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
09/22/2012 08:25 AMPosted by Nessper
Hi I'm Nessper and I come to this thread with the aspirations of making new friends.

My friendship quota has been met for this month.

Try back again later.
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