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So, the way it looks to me is that CRZ is just within our Battlegroup. (Emberstorm) I have seen players from Drenden, Cairne and Moon Guard running around.

Aside from the common CRZ complaints, has anyone really had any issues with it here? I guess that I mean the players in general, not the mechanical glitches we have had.

One positive that I see in this is that if you have never tried RP, if you see any players from Wyrmrest Accord, Farstriders or Moon Guard, you could chat them up and see what it is all about.

Be careful with the Moon Guard players though, I hear they are sticky.
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I saw a Twisting Nether person while questing in Hyjal. They're PVP and not supposed to be in a PVE realm.

I don't mind Drenden or Fenris players. Borean Tundra is a mixed bag. Lightbringer is awful. The Alliance side of players are such miserable piles of dog feces...

Worse yet, Lightbringer isn't in our battlegroup and I see them constantly.

Also, I don't think RP realms are supposed to be mixed in with PVE realms.

On a related note, I've queued for dungeons and saw a lot of Vashj people, even though Vashj isn't in our battlegroup.
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LFD/LFR doesn't go by battlegroups. The CRZ isn't limited to battlegroups either, however, I was under the impression we weren't supposed to be paired with PvP realms. They were probably grouped with someone on a PvE server. I know if I group with my friends from Thrall, I'll see people that they are usually paired with.

So far, I don't care for the a lot of folks from Drenden. Moon Guard folks are generally pretty nice. It's "pornshire" you have to avoid if you want any decent RP.
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I keep hearing Moon Guard is good as long as Goldshire is avoided. Also, thank you for clearing that up, Ashely.

The people on Drenden I've had experience with aren't impolite, but they're quick to complain about everything. Everything. This is Alliance Drenden, not sure if it's different of the same for Horde Drenden.
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90 Pandaren Monk
I hate cross-realm zones. This game's archaic and outdated quest system makes it nonsensical to incorporate into the game. Not to mention it's a serious chore now to level up or do something productive with so many imbeciles eternally present throughout so many areas on a pvp server.
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I hate the fact that CRZ can force you into zones with different server times. Missed my darkmoon turn in because i kept getting zoned to an elwynn that was an hour ahead of us -.-
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Rare spawns went from rare to not happening. After a tame or transmog item that only drops from a rare? Good luck with everyone and their brother from 10 different servers also camping the same thing you are. Hunters trying to tame are a big target for griefers as well

Outland ore is now as rare, maybe rarer than trillium nodes

Now I don't mind competition, but the problem is that we can't even buy the farmed goods from the competition. Instead of competition between players, it's competition between entire realms :/

Yep, today a night elf hunter scrub intruded on Hydro's camping. And guess who cast tame first? The night elf [Censored]. But they both lost because it was killed anyway.

The moral of this story? None, CRZ has done more harm than good to the fine folks of Nesingwary :(
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I'm surprised there has not been more recent discussion on this issue. There are a few valid points about how bad CRZ is for class levelling, and in PvP realms. But I dont see any discussion about how this affects levelling professions and the general economy across the whole game!

Hasn't anyone noticed that the supply of mats from zones that are cross-realm? Now I don't know if Blizz increased spawn rates in those zones, but I think not, and that means the same amount of mats are being spread out across multiple realms. So fewer available mats, means more difficult profession levelling.

Then there is the AH effect. Less mats, mean less supply, and thus prices go up. Basic economics. This would be fine, if the AH were also cross-realm! Now we have players from multiple realms mining mats (ores, herbs, and even skins too). So when they have excess mats to sell on the AH, they are now only available to one realm. So if you are in a low-pop realm, you will now have even LESS options on the AH, since whatever mats were being mined in your (cross-)realm are now being sold in another AH you cannot access. Without the shared distribution of a common AH, the whole economic balance gets thrown out of whack. It would take a better mind than mine to predict the economic impact, but I do know it is not good for maintaining the health of the game economy.

Blizz needs to rethink this CRZ thing. Not a bad idea to try to improve zone activity, but I think the consequences outweigh the benefits. Like everything else, I hope it is a "work-in-progress" and they realize the need to adjust this feature so that materials availability and mid-level mat prices are not so severely affected.

If any of you feel this is NOT a problem on your realm... please chime in.... I'm sure Blizz wants more opinion than my own, and they should know how widespread the issue is. But the way I see it, this is a serious discouragement to recruiting new people (and levelling alts) through beginning zones and content. At a bare minimum, it will help drive people away from the low-population realms, since they wont be able to get any mats.

Maybe that is their intention - get rid of underused servers(realms). But don't you think Blizzard would rather promote new clients and characters, instead of trying to reduce server load because they know they are getting fewer players? That sounds more like planning to "fail" than just failing to plan.
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I never knew we got grouped up with role playing realms? O_o
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@Elohirr I agree with everything you said. What I think the problem is was that while they did test it on the PTR, they didn't have different time zones to see that there would be issues with things like the fishing tournament. I don’t think that they would have seen the demand on resources with 10,000 players compared to 30,000 players. (A different percentage of players looking for mats on a PTR compared to a live realm) Did they know that the multi-character mounts would be an issue? Maybe, but with as large and sweeping of a change as the CRZ is/was I don't think, even with the amount of talent they have, they could anticipate every little glitch we were going to encounter. I also think that they have prioritized the issues. Fishing tournament - Many players affected, multi-character mounts - not so much.

They are working on it, but they are new to it as well. They see the issues and have to figure out plausible solutions to something they have only limited experience with. Would merging servers have been a better idea? Maybe, but Blizzard likes to push new tech for the game, even if this time it was released before it was (really) ready. Again, a thousand monkeys on a thousand accounts would have been the only way to shake out the bugs. Not having a thousand computers in a tarp covered room they gave it to us on a large scale to work it all out. The great thing about the player base we have is that we are vocal. (some good, some bad) They know they will get feedback.

I think we should get a CRZ themed CoT dungeon out of this. Nozdormu sends us back to a time before CRZ. We have to keep Ghostcrawler CC'd for 10 minutes while we fight off a candle, goblin, hippogryph and a... drooling tree? There will be random packs of "time-disoriented player-base" that we have to protect them from. All this while going through dialogue/cutscenes that, depending on our choices, gets a meter to a level that is 9,000% convincing them that this is/was a bad idea. If we get it over 9,000, GC will not push a big, red button that says “CRZ NAO!!1!!” and it all goes away. There will be vehicle battles!

… Thrall too.

I could write this stuff folks!
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